MarketOne, Boston, MA, United States
Boston, MA,
United States

MarketOne is a demand-generation company providing B2B services worldwide. MarketOne specializes in all types of marketing services from automation technologies to data-driven insights and marketing consulting.

Cygnet, Sliema, Malta

Cygnet specializes in cloud computing solutions. It provides the cloud platform for businesses to ensure fast and secured access to business information. Cygnet helps companies to create collaborative working process regardless of the geographical location.

Hosting, Denver, CO, United States
Denver, CO,
United States

Hosting is a platform providing cloud solutions to satisfy enterprise-class needs. Hosting helps businesses to reduce risks, increase revenues and protect data.

ClearData, Tempe, AZ, United States
Tempe, AZ,
United States

ClearData is a secure healthcare cloud with more than 350,000 professionals relying on it. ClearData helps to store, secure and share data among medical institutions.

Elsewhen (ex Hive)
United Kingdom

Elsewhen is a studio designing digital products and services. They work with the whole spectrum of customers, from the smallest of startups to giant companies, including Google. The team specializes in research, development, design, and testing of applications.

New York, NY,
United States

Unfold is a world popular mobile app for creating engaging Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook stories. It offers a collection of 25 beautiful, easy-to-use templates to design inspiring posts. 3 million users all over the world use this attractive app to create amazing stories every day.