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ZazuLusaka, Zambia

Zazu is a mobile app that helps users manage their finances with confidence and ease. It allows users to keep track of their expenses, make payments easily, and transfer money instantly.

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Mobile App Testing

With profound expertise in mobile app testing, we helped Zazu eliminate both critical and minor bugs to enhance its user experience. QAwerk engineers ensured the released app functions as designed.

Manual Testing

Our QA engineers performed thorough manual testing to prepare the Zazu app for a successful launch. We also updated Zazu’s existing test cases and created new ones for iOS and Android apps and the admin panel.


Having a team of developers, Zazu could cover all unit testing; however, they were looking for someone to perform user acceptance testing (UAT) and regression testing of iOS and Android apps. Additionally, there was a request to test their back-end admin interface, also referred to as Customer Service Interface (CSI). At that moment, they had around 30 test cases written in Excel spreadsheets, yet they needed to update them and keep adding new ones as the new features were coming out.


We agreed with Zazu to use CucumberStudio (former Hiptest) for writing and running test cases. As a result, 99 test cases were written for the iOS/Android app and 55 test cases for CSI. During our collaboration, some of the test cases were updated several times as long as changes in UI/UX occurred or new features were implemented. The devices for testing were chosen based on the frequency of using the particular devices and Android/iOS versions by the end user: LG Nexus 5 (Android 6) and iPhone 6s (iOS 11.4).

The main types of testing we used were acceptance testing and regression testing, but during the project, we also performed UI/UX testing, smoke testing, and exploratory testing.

Bugs Found

While testing, we mostly encountered critical bugs related to credit card activation and adding new users. On top of that, we found plenty of bugs concerning the app adaptation to different screen resolutions.

Actual result: The endless spinner displays on the Account Personal after tapping the ‘Confirm’ button.

Expected result: The card order is created.

Actual result: The card number is not copied to the clipboard after tapping the ‘Copy’ button under the card.

Expected result: The card number is copied to the clipboard after tapping the ‘Copy’ button under the card.


Actual result: The “Virtual card” creation screen breaks when you click on “What is your billing address?” Info button.

Expected result: Everything is displayed correctly after clicking on the “What is your billing address?” Info button.


The testing of the Zazu app lasted for several months until both of us were sure that all test cases are written, all bugs are found and fixed. Later on, we were happy to receive new requests from clients to update the test cases and perform regression testing as new features were developed and UI was changed. We are excited to see that Zazu continues to grow, and we are proud to be a part of its success.


Mastercard, Principal Membership

Mastercard, Principal Membership

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Mondato, Awards in Africa 2020

Mondato, Awards in Africa 2020

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In Press

As a principal member, Zazu became authorized to act as an “issuing bank.” In other words, they can provide debit cards and as “acquirers,” which means they can provide transaction processing services.

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The team is really supportive, and they are nice people, it's always nice to work with such people. They are really effective at what they do.
Sassoon Scheepers, Product Owner at Zazu Africa

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QAwerk Team Comment

QA engineer

Working on the Zazu project turned into an insightful experience of testing a financial app. During the course of testing, we discovered both critical bugs that broke the operation of an entire app and issues with UI elements. However, thanks to close cooperation with an excellent team of developers who immediately responded to our queries and handled any questions with the utmost professionalism, fixing the tiniest of bugs, the app was successfully released.





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