Bug Crawl: Easy and Fast Way to Perfect Your Product

Being experts in the IT industry, we know about the importance of testing and want to share this knowledge as we believe high-quality software is the key to success.

Although it may seem obvious what to test in a product, a bug may pop up out of nowhere later. As a software testing services company with extensive experience in providing top-class QA services worldwide, we thought we had to do something to prevent that.

Over the years of work, we have formed a team of qualified testing professionals and significantly gained skills in various types of testing that we successfully apply now in our projects. That is why we felt the strength to solve the bugs issue with the help of a special project. That is how we came up with our weekly Bug Crawl that we practice to this day.

What is Bug Crawl?

Every week we choose random apps from Apple Store or Google Play and test them, creating thorough reports on any errors we find. And that is what Bug Crawl is. The meaning of it is to highlight bugs and weaknesses, underlining the significance of proper web and mobile software testing.

Why Do We Do That?

Our goal is to ensure great software quality. We love our work and want to help everyone understand how important it is to test your product and make it flawless. Both you and your customer will benefit from it.

Besides, we find Bug Crawls great for our testers professional development. At the moment, we have tested all kinds of iOS and Android apps and found more than 700 bugs. Of course it helps improve the skills of our testing team as they learn new technologies and ways of detecting the most irregular bugs in apps’ work.


apps tested


bugs found


hours spent on testing

What Apps Have We Tested?

We do not have strict requirements for the apps we test, so we choose both popular ones and those that are gaining popularity. Besides, we are not limited to their category and are interested in testing everything because there are different errors everywhere.
Here are some kinds of apps/platforms we have already tested:

  • Weather app
  • Dining platform
  • Traveling app
  • Sketching app
  • CRM platform
  • Educational apps
  • Sports apps

What are the Most Common Issues We Find With the App?

Here are the problems our testers face almost every week:

  • Authorization issue
  • Ability to leave blank fields when filling out forms
  • Sudden crash of the app
  • Adaptability issues
  • Grammar mistakes

What Does Bug Crawl Report Consist of?

Every report we post is divided into the bugs we find, and each bug is evaluated by:

  • Severity
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Environment
  • Actual result
  • Expected result
  • Screenshot or video

What Does Bug Crawl Report Consist of?

How We Test

When testing apps within Bug Crawl project, we use an exploratory testing approach that gives our testers personal freedom to find bugs. There are no test cases so that the app is checked on the fly with minimal planning and maximum test execution. In some cases, exploratory testing can be more productive than the usual testing based on test cases as it retains the vision of the whole product, saves time on describing all the scenarios, increases the speed of testing and the number of critical bugs found.

Why Do You Need Bug Crawl?

Judging from our experience of finding bugs in many apps, developers sometimes do not pay enough attention to the testing process before releasing the app. And that is how you risk losing your customers and money.
If you have an application and you want to test, send us a request for free testing as part of Bug Crawl on a competitive basis. Every week we select 2 apps from the list and maybe yours will get to be tested next! As a result, you will receive a comprehensive bug report that will help to improve your product by eliminating the errors in it.