Compatibility Testing Services

Software Compatibility Testing Services

to ensure your project works smoothly in a specific environment

Every software product is developed for a particular hardware, operating system, or browser, that is why the compatibility of them should be carefully tested. For this purpose software compatibility testing is applied. At this stage of product testing, we check the interaction of the app with the environment in which it will be installed on different hardware. And then we test a product using the same configuration of software as an end user on his workstation.

Another goal of software compatibility testing is to determine the optimal configuration for the developing web, mobile or desktop app. We use only modern, practical approaches and compatibility testing methods to reach the best result in providing software testing to our clients. Especially if your product is oriented on working with wide range of OS systems and platforms, software compatibility test is the first thing you should care about, and QAwerk can help with this.

Compatibility Testing Services For Your Product

Software Compatibility Testing For Web

Nowadays there are many versions of desktops and mobile browsers with which your app should be compatible. Testing of a web app is a time-consuming process, but our team has strong skills that help them to deal with it efficiently and in a relatively short period of time.

Software Compatibility Testing For Mobile

Mobile compatibility testing is designed to check the work of an app on various devices and mobile operating systems that have different demands. QAwerk has a broad base of mobile devices for real-time testing and experience of working with many app simulators.

Software Compatibility Testing For Desktop

Compatibility testing is necessary to ensure your app is fully compatible with modern operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and others. We will check the correctness of working of all functions in the appropriate environment and report the results to you.


Our customers

companies whose software projects needed functional testing

PageFreezer outsourced quality assurance of web application to QAwerk
Green Valley outsourced quality assurance of web application to QAwerk
Linktiger hired QAwerk's team for automated web application testing
9yahds outsourced automated testing of web application to QAwerk company