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API testing is an important part of API development and considered a challenging part of software testing. When testing API, it is not enough to know only that clicking a button will send a request to the server. It is important to understand the parts of a REST request, to know how to create, formulate, and send requests without relying on the UI, also to realize what to expect as a response when sending a test request to make sure the API is functioning correctly.

Furthermore, there are also a number of points that should be considered: the accuracy of data, schema validation, data type, validations, order and completeness, HTTP status codes, authorization checks, and error codes API returns.


API testing always requires a professional approach because of the complexity of APIs which are often based on rarely encountered standards and protocols. Many companies that are still don’t understand what is API testing and its importance, risked to launch a bad-quality product and incur considerable costs as well as bring damage to software reputation and business processes where it uses.

Basically, API stands for application programming interface and allows to connect and exchange data between separate program modules. API software has functions, classes or subprograms by which one software can interact with other software. During API testing, it is essential to make sure it works correctly and fulfills its purpose across different devices, browsers, and operating systems; it can handle the expected load, and also to find all threats and vulnerabilities that can cause app hacking.


The importance of conducting API tests is significant if you want to get a perfect product. This testing helps to ensure that all data access goes through the API which simplifies further security and compliance testing, and certification. Furthermore, when you are sure in the complete functionality of API you can at any time expand the app for new business needs.

Our team of qualified QA engineers always keeps up with the latest innovations, follows API testing best practices and applies modern testing tools and methods to guarantee that your software is flawless and bug-free.

We also provide API documentation writing services and compose an accurate reference manual with the details on functions, classes, return types, arguments, and also examples and tutorials on how to effectively use and integrate with an API of your software.

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api testing benefits


API testing takes as far less time than functional testing and is easier to maintain. Also, API test automation requires less code and accelerate development workflows, thus reduced overall testing cost.


API integration and performance tests conducted on the early stages can eliminate costly rework after product release.Moreover, automated API testing is as important as manual testing.


API testing allows to access the application without a user interface, so through the core access. In the case of working with outsourcing team, it makes possible app testing in parallel with development.


API testing helps eliminate vulnerabilities since it requires certain conditions and inputs which protects the app from attacks. By sending more effort on testing API of your software first of all, you guarantee your safety.



API performance testing includes functional and load tests aimed to see whether API returns the desired output for a given input and determine the overall system performance under specific conditions. If you are looking for great professionals to conduct such tests, QAwerk team is here to help you.


API testing automation means creating scripts, programs or setting up applications that can test the API on a regular basis. It is a major key to perform the testing faster but requires strong technical skills. Only an experienced QA engineer can correctly automate API testing, and we have such experts in our big team.


Every API should meet security requirements including authentication, permissions and access controls that should always be in safe. Even a single error in API security is more critical than in an individual app, as it affects every software that relies on that API so can cause serious problems. Rest assured, our testing specialists will not allow this.


API integration tests simplify testing and make it possible to identify most errors already at the development stage. The goal of integration API testing is to verify that it meets expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. QAwerk software testers are ready to ensure the perfect API testing process of your software.


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