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Errors lead to defects at all stages of software development, and the consequences of this can be very different – from minor to catastrophic. Hence, there are different types of testing that QAwerk calls upon to make sure that modifications made to your code do not bring any adverse effects, and the product performs as expected. Those various types of QA tests our experts apply at different levels and stages depending on the solution needs to guarantee timely production and delivery of your software.

Testing allows you to find and correct defects, thereby reducing the level of risk and improving the quality of the product. QAwerk is always up to create an efficient, transparent, and tuneable process; that is why we combine the merits of the best practices and methodologies.

Software Testing Expertise

Test Execution Techniques at QAwerk

QA testing process can be performed in two ways, manually or by means of automation tools.

QAwerk team brings into use both to perform the actual test execution and to estimate application performance and behavior.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

In this type of testing, test case execution is performed manually by our testers. Manual testing process is considered to be a tedious and time-consuming type of testing. However, before automation testing techniques are cut in, there must be first run a series of manual tests. Manual testing requires considerable effort, but without it, we cannot be sure whether automation is possible.

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Automated Testing

Automated Testing

It is a rapid type of testing in which automated test case execution is performed by using different automation tools. QAwerk furnishes with software test automation services in order to nourish the need for frequent re-runs of tests. The value of automation to simplify project maintenance and reduce its cost is difficult to overestimate. After all, even minor patches and code changes can cause new bugs.

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Types of Testing We Perform

Functional Testing

Functional QA and testing considers the predetermined app’s behavior and is based on the analysis of the specifications of the functionality of the component or the system as a whole. After this testing, you will be sure that all the functions of your software meet the requirements.

Integration Testing

Integration means combining. System integration testing is designed to combine different software modules and test them as a group to check the data flow from one module to other modules. This testing will give you confidence that all parts of your software interact properly.

System Testing

Software System Testing is performed on a complete, integrated system. At this stage, we check that the overall interaction of components and the system compliance as per the requirements are checked. It involves load, performance, reliability, and security testing.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is also known as beta testing and is a formal testing process that checks the compliance of the system with the requirements. We conduct it to determine whether the system meets the acceptance criteria and whether the application is accepted or not by the customer.

API Testing

Testing of APIs is not restricted to sending a request to API and analyzing the response for correctness. The APIs also need to be tested for performance and vulnerabilities. Additionally, we provide API documentation writing services on demand.

Cross-Browser Testing

Every web application should have a perfect look on any device and browser. QAwerk experts perform cross-browser testing to guarantee its the correct operation of the app in the most used browsers along with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing provides intelligent, adaptable solutions that evolve with your needs. Our method allows for comprehensive, efficient testing, greatly reducing both time and costs. This strategy ensures detailed quality assessments while optimizing resource use, delivering superior results effectively and economically.

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Non-Functional Testing

Performance Testing

Software Performance Test is employed to check whether the system meets the performance requirements. We check various performance indicators with the help of performance and load tools, within load, stress, stability, and configuration tests.

Compatibility Testing

Software Compatibility testing means no discrepancy between the app and the environment. Your software product will demonstrate a smooth and without a hitch work across all configurations with the software compatibility testing by QAwerk.

Usability Testing

We employ this testing method to take through its paces such objectives as efficiency, accuracy, recall, and emotional response. Usability testing services by QAwerk increase the attractiveness of your solution and warrant that it delivers an unmatched user experience.

Security Testing

Given the fact that most software systems subject to hacking, security testing is vital to provide their data privacy. Our security testing services proves confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your application to ensure it is 100% invulnerable.

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Using our quote engine you can get the initial reasonable rate for quality assurance services. Besides, our tech-savvy team will give you a very clear picture on any of your project issues, as well as, whether it is necessary to apply certain software testing at a specific stage or not.

Outstanding Process

Our software testing service is as transparent as our pricing. Applying the cutting edge practices to our engagement models, we are capable of organizing the software quality assurance process based on a methodology your project and business require, whether it’s agile, waterfall or any other you mention.

Prompt Results

Stick to deadlines, is our corporate credo. Before starting the work on a project, the in-depth analysis is carried out to give you the sure date the project is due to be deployed. We don’t appreciate incompatibility in application testing process and, definitely, neither do you.

Long-Term Collaboration

QAwerk offers you a clear and honest independent software testing partnership on a continuous or a temporary basis. Many of our customers choose us over and over again, as they trust us and our expertise. If you are seeking an offshore software testing services, we are here for you.

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