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Software testing outsourcing

How It Works

I. Start phase

1. Project introduction. Talking about the general task and testing goals. We are compliant with any of the communication way suitable for you (email, phone, skype, join.me, etc.). If necessary we could sign the NDA.

2. Given the information obtained, we will give you the following:
• Preliminary analysis of the project. At this step we can define risks (if any) and give our first vision of the project.
• Rough estimation. We prepare a ballpark (X to Y hrs) estimation for you. If the cost does suit you, we can move forward. This step will avoid wasting time in case the project is very expensive for you. There are many factors that could affect the project execution time as we will need to make deep analysis as soon as we start working with the project. Despite everything, we give you a 100% guarantee that we will not exceed the top figure (Y). After the project is done, we’ll send you a quote using T&M business model that shows how many hours were spent.
• Preliminary test strategy/test plan.

3. There is our own tool called Quote Calculator available at the QAwerk website. If you know how much development effort it took to implement your project, use the quote calculator to predict test effort before contacting us.

4. We speak English and discuss all with you. You can contact us on any question whenever you need information and think that we could help you with.

II. Contract phase

As soon as you approve the estimation and the project start date
we will send you our typical Agreement for you to have a look and sign.

III. Planning phase

1. Thorough analysis, choice of the test strategy and test plan creation based on the requirements specification. Send the documentation for approval.

2. Transfer stuff – software and hardware to be tested, source code/scripts and staging server deployment (if necessary).

3. Project infrastructure preparation
• Set up and share a bug tracking system. This is the most required step. You will get access to the bug tracker and be able to keep track of all activities (bug reports, comments, hours worked, deadlines, etc.). You will also be able to create/update issues in the bug tracker. All activities gets you notified by email so you will not miss any.
• Optionally we can set up a collaborative work tool such as Basecamp. It’s very convenient for discussion of requirements as it has tools for attaching documents, notes, images, etc.

4. Test infrastructure preparation
• Deployment of automated testing if required.
• Purchasing of all relevant requisite for the project like hardware, software and mobile devices.
• Setting up environment for performance testing.

Software testing company QAwerk: software QA process

IV. Project execution phase

1. Tests execution

Using different types of testing, our team thoroughly performs tests given previously designed test cases.

2. Bug reports

Once a bug is found we create an issue in the bug tracker.

3. Regular reports

(weekly, monthly, etc.). This is just to keep you up to date. We inform you about what have been done, what remains and when we plan to finish. We also provide you with detailed reports on hours spent (for dedicated team and T&M business model).

4. different business models

Please mind that we offer different business models. If necessary, contact us to discuss any changes in the model.

5. Constant discussion

the progress of the project. Tracking changes in requirements, should we have ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Always clarify and check. We believe that all questions must be resolved in time – that is recipe for success.

6. Bug tracker

The result of our work is the list of all detected issues submitted to the bug tracker as separate tickets. Each ticket is the detailed bug report that contains steps to reproduce, actual result (how it works now) and expected result (how it should work).

7. Analysis

Analysis and recommendations for the next phases.

8. Development services

If you don’t have developers on board to fix bugs found by QAwerk, we offer you our development services. Please contact us at Redwerk.

How much does it cost?

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