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Security testing
to ensure the integrity of your software

Security assurance is the key to user confidence in your product. Especially in the information era,
security testing is one of the primary types of testing you should perform for your software.
QAwerk specialists will help you with this on the professional level.

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We perform QA security testing for all kinds of software to guarantee
its reliable protection against intruders.

Security Testing - QAwerk
Poorly protected software, whether it is a simple website or a massive governmental system, is in suspense of being attacked every day. Robust security testing has long become part of regulatory compliance across industries. Security testing aims to test, detect, and correct defects related to overall system security and user data confidentiality. It is based on three main principles: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. As a security testing company, we:

  • check that only limited users can change the data;
  • determine the possible degree of harm in case of data loss;
  • verify that access to the resource is restricted to a particular category of users and is available to authorized users.

Our QA company offers comprehensive software security testing services to ensure the information system protects data adequately and maintains functionality. It is focused on verifying general security concepts such as authentication, authorization, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. We use both automated and manual cyber security testing and also offer the best practices to keep your app in safety.

Web App Security Testing

Web App Security Testing

Web-based apps must run round-the-clock and provide data access for customers what is often the weak spot in enterprise security. Hackers can gain direct access to private data taking full control of your web-based software. That’s why web security testing is a high priority for all businesses. Our skilled test engineers are always ready to help you to keep your business under reliable protection.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile App Security Testing

A mobile world is absorbing more and more users and releasing more apps. No wonder hackers have started paying particular attention to this area. You cannot be sure that your product is protected against external attacks without performing thorough security tests. Should you need any mobile app security testing services, we are ready to help and protect your mobile app from hackers.

Website Security Testing

Website Security Testing

Websites are very vulnerable to all types of hacking. In fact, some sites come out with different potential security problems. Often in-house teams don’t have the time or resources to perform a comprehensive website security testing for weak points. That is why we offer an offshore QA team that will gladly join your project and provide our security testing services for the complete security of your site.

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Techniques of Security Testing

Access Control Testing

Access control testing is used to verify that particular types of users have access to related system resources, just like the admin can edit anything in the system while end-users have read-only rights and can only use features available to them. Our specialists go through all test cases to be sure that there is no data leakage.

Penetration Testing

The penetration test is a simulation of a hacker attack to the app to reveal security weaknesses and to prepare an in-depth analysis of security flaws from the side of the potential attacker. We choose the best strategy and perform penetration testing thoroughly to get your product secure in point of fact.

The QA team has been a great help for the release of our new offering, Unfold for Brands. The team has really put themselves in the place of the user to find any bugs or user experience issues, mitigating any potential issues at launch.
Alfonso Cobo
Alfonso Cobo, Head of Unfold at Squarespace
We've worked with QAwerk to handle the QA of our native desktop app. They've done a tremendous job and even went out of their way to ensure the quality of the app. We'll continue working with them in the future.
Julien Berthomier
Julien Berthomier, CEO & Co-Founder at Station

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