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Cloud testing
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The demand on the development of cloud software increases and IaaS, PaaS,
serverless computing and Saas applications are filling the market. We provide
cloud computing testing services to check their quality.

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Cloud testing - QAwerk
Cloud testing, also called cloud-based testing, is aimed at the validation of the performance, scalability, and reliability of applications in a cloud computing environment by using cloud tools that emulate real-world user traffic. With blood testing, you get the following benefits:

  • Recreate real traffic conditions to receive accurate testing results.
  • Implement the needed computing power and at the same time cut down the costs.
  • Customize the testing process and perform testing scenarios in different ways.
  • Increase or decrease computing resources as required.

QA engineers can easily emulate an end-user-oriented environment with minimal effort and time, as well as perform different types of testing in any device environment. Cloud-based testing can also reduce the time to enter the market for software due to automated testing.

Cloud Testing Forms

Cloud testing is divided into four categories. Each testing form is selected depending on vendors, e.g. testing of the whole cloud is usually performed by cloud and SaaS vendors, whereas testing within a cloud is executed by cloud vendors only. At the initial stages, QAwerk specialists help you choose the appropriate for your project.

Testing of the whole cloud

Testing of the whole cloud

We view the cloud as a whole entity, and perform testing based on its features.

Testing within a cloud

Testing within a cloud

We check each of the cloud’s internal features.

Testing across the cloud

Testing across the cloud

Based on the specifications, we carry out testing on different types of cloud-like private, public and hybrid clouds.

SaaS testing in the cloud

SaaS testing in the cloud

Based on requirements, we perform functional and non-functional testing.

Core Components of Cloud Testing

Components of Cloud Testing
Here, at QAwerk, we pass through all core components of cloud testing to guarantee the quality of your software.
Application. Entails testing of data security, functions, end-to-end business workflows, browser compatibility, and others.
Network. Implies testing various network protocols, bandwidths, and successful transfer of data.
Infrastructure. Includes backups, disaster recovery tests, secure connection, and storage policies. Also, it must be checked for compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Types of Testing We Perform in the Cloud

Functional Testing

System Verification Testing

We provide system verification testing to make sure in the expected behavior and the correct functioning of various modules with one another, also in their proper work according to specifications.

Acceptance Testing

Every software product represented to users should meet their needs and expectations. During acceptance tests, we hand over the product to the end users to verify that.

Interoperability Testing

Within interoperability testing, our specialists test the ability of the software to work superbly on different platforms and when moving from cloud infrastructure to another.

Non-functional Testing

Availability Testing

This testing uses failover, failback, stress, and low resource testing to verify the ability to allocate additional resources during failures, restore operations, and determine stability beyond normal traffic.

Security Testing

We check that only authorized users can get access to the data, and their privacy remains intact. Furthermore, we verify user data integrity, the tenacity of the encrypted data and security settings.

Performance Testing

The cloud service needs to perform optimally with an increase or decrease in load and stress. We verify the response time, network latency and other parameters on all types of devices.

Multi-Tenancy Testing

In multi-tenant architecture, multiple users use a single cloud. Since users may have different permissions, all the changes and updates in the service should be carefully tested for best results.

Disaster Recovery Testing

It allows estimating how fast the failure can be indicated, and the service restores availability, also whether data loss may occur and how massive it might be. This testing helps to prepare for critical situations.

Scalability Testing

Verify the product’s scaling per growing need dexterity. We check if the service allows expanding the memory, storage, data volume, add more servers or users, along with flawless operation.

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