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Blindness → Screen reader compatibility, text-to-speech functionality.
Low vision → Zoom features, high contrast modes, resizable text.
Color blindness → Alternative text descriptors, pattern differentiation.


Deafness → Captions for audio and video content, visual indicators for sound-based alerts.
Hard of hearing → Volume control, background noise minimization.


Limited dexterity → Keyboard-only navigation, voice-activated controls.
Muscle tremors → Stabilization features, delay settings for hover or click actions.


Learning disabilities → Simplified language, clear navigation, multiple means of content representation.
Short attention span → Break down tasks into smaller steps, offer ‘save progress’ options.


Stuttering or stammering → Speech-to-text functionality with leniency on time delays.
Mute → Text-based customer support, alternative form controls.


Epilepsy → Avoidance of flashing or flickering elements, clear exit paths for potentially triggering content.


Combinations of the above → Comprehensive testing that includes multiple assistive technologies and user scenarios.

Types of Accessibility Testing We Offer

Web Accessibility Testing

Ensuring web accessibility is more than a virtue; it’s often a requirement. Our web testing covers WCAG 2.1 compliance, screen reader compatibility, and keyboard navigation. Don’t leave out any potential users; make your website universally accessible.

Learn More About Web Applications Testing

Desktop App Accessibility

Desktop apps in public institutions or corporate environments need to accommodate all types of users. Our tests include evaluating text-to-speech functionality, color contrast, and focus order to ensure your software is ADA-compliant.

Mobile App Accessibility

Smartphones are ubiquitous, and your mobile app needs to cater to everyone. We conduct platform-specific tests, such as VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android, and validate against mobile accessibility guidelines.

Learn More About Our iOS App Testing

Compatibility Testing

Accessibility isn’t universal across devices and browsers. Our compatibility tests include cross-browser and cross-platform checks, ensuring your digital product remains accessible irrespective of the user’s choice of technology.

Industries Where Accessibility Testing Makes an Impact

Retail and E-Commerce

Online shopping platforms, auction sites, digital catalogs, loyalty program apps, customer service chatbots, etc


Patient portals, telemedicine apps, and appointment booking systems


Mobile banking apps, investment platforms, and loan application sites


Learning management systems, digital textbooks, and virtual classrooms


Public service portals, online voting systems, and tax filing apps

Travel and Hospitality

Booking platforms, flight trackers, and digital travel guides

Media and Entertainment

Streaming services, news websites, and digital magazines

Real Estate

Property listing sites, mortgage calculators, and virtual tour platforms

Nonprofits and Social Services

Donation platforms, volunteer sign-up sites, and community forums

Benefits of Accessibility Testing

Enhanced User Experience

Accessibility testing ensures that your product is not only functional but also user-friendly for everyone, including those with disabilities.

International Compliance

Meeting global accessibility standards like WCAG isn’t just good practice; it’s often a legal requirement. Our testing ensures you’re on the right side of the law.

Legal Risk Mitigation

Non-compliance with accessibility laws such as the ADA and Section 508 can result in fines, lawsuits, and brand damage. Accessibility testing helps mitigate these risks.

Improved Brand Image

An accessible platform demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity, boosting your brand’s image and attracting a wider audience.

The QAwerk Approach to Accessibility Testing

Understanding Your Needs

Our starting point is a one-on-one consultation. We get to know your user base, and that includes acknowledging different types of disabilities like visual, auditory, cognitive, motor impairments, and more.

Strategic Planning

Our testing complies with global standards like WCAG and ADA as well as country-specific standards such as EN 301 549, DDA & Equality Act, Australian Human Rights Commission Act, and New Zealand Government Web Standards.

In-Depth Audits

We leave no stone unturned, rigorously evaluating every element, from web pages to apps and software.

Comprehensive Testing

We use both automated tools and manual testing to catch all potential issues.

Reporting & Recommendations

You’ll get a straightforward report, spotlighting both problems and paths to solutions.

Follow-Up Support

We don’t just deliver a report and call it a day. Our team provides ongoing support and re-testing to ensure that all changes are effectively implemented.

Tools We Use for Accessibility Testing

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Accessibility Testing FAQ

What distinguishes WCAG 2.1 from other accessibility standards?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 are globally recognized standards that include a wider range of recommendations for making web content more accessible. The guidelines are geared towards accommodating users with specific disabilities like low vision and cognitive limitations, going beyond just ADA or Section 508 compliance.

What's the difference between digital accessibility testing and software accessibility testing?

While digital accessibility testing encompasses web and mobile applications, software accessibility testing is particularly targeted at desktop applications. Both aim to identify and rectify accessibility issues but may require different tools and methodologies, like VoiceOver for iOS and JAWS for desktop applications.

Why is compatibility testing important?

Compatibility testing ensures that your digital assets are accessible across different devices, browsers, and operating systems. In the context of web accessibility, it’s crucial to validate that assistive technologies like screen readers function consistently irrespective of a user’s choice of technology.

What do you mean by "global accessibility standards"?

Accessibility norms can differ from one country to another. While WCAG is internationally acknowledged, some countries have their own guidelines like the EN 301 549 in Europe or the DDA & Equality Act in the UK. We ensure your digital platforms are compliant with these regional variations.

Why is user experience important in the context of accessibility solutions?

Improving user experience goes hand-in-hand with enhancing accessibility. For instance, our ‘speech-to-text functionality with leniency on time delays’ caters to those with speech disabilities like stuttering, providing a more inclusive and efficient user experience.

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