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Stop losing customers
over those nasty bugs!

We test web2, web3, mobile, SaaS, both manually and automatically.
Over 300 products used our help to improve retention and reduce churn.

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Stop losing customers  <br> over those nasty bugs!
Featured in IAOP's list of the World's Best Outsourcing Companies

Address Your QA Challenges with QAwerk

Scale your testing capacity

Our job is to launch, support, and manage the best quality assurance teams to make your product flawless. The hired staff can handle any task and apply the most relevant QA software.

Increase product quality

In-depth testing is essential for any digital project to succeed. Make quality the first business priority with us. We make sure that no bug spoils user experience or affects business metrics.

Achieve faster time-to-market

Decrease downtime and reduce testing time when outsourcing your QA process. Our proven testing practices and test automation tools allow us to address issues and meet goals more efficiently.

See how we ensured Unfold app’s quality that led to acquisition by Squarespace

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Selected Case Studies

Over 300 software testing projects completed for customers from America to Australia.



United States
Transformed a crashy storymaker into a billion-user content creation platform acquired by Squarespace


Helped Norway #1 study portal improve 8 content-heavy websites used by 110 mln students annually


United States
Helped popular US moving service detect adaptation issues and smoothly transition to new stack


United States
Helped increase regression testing speed by 50% and ensure the platform runs 24/7

Awards & Recognition

Being on the technology side of things, we were part of success for our customers, who won prestigious awards for the solutions we developed.

Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards

For Penpot enterprise products

Edison Awards 2022, Gold Winner

For VirtaMed Experiential learning

#1 Startup in Belgium

For Kazidomi simplifying eco-shopping

Belgian Marketing Awards
Young Marketing Company

For Kazidomi reimagining e-commerce

Product Hunt
#2 Product of the Day

For Arctype making SQL DB management easy

App Trend of 2019

For Unfold making storytelling simple

Hidden Gem of 2018

For Unfold quietly building a fanbase

Principal Membership

For Zazu launching MC Virtual Card

Frost & Sullivan
Best Practices Award 2020

For Evolv optimizing global customer experience

Awards in Africa 2020

For Zazu impacting Africa’s digital finance

Full-Range Software Testing Services

Web Applications Testing

Web Applications Testing

Make sure your web-based product works properly, meets user expectations, and offers perfect performance and security. Our team has experience with many browsers and tools for efficient testing.

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Mobile Applications Testing

Mobile Applications Testing

Years of experience in testing of mobile applications help us detect and prevent even the most unobvious and hidden bugs that spoil user experience. We make sure that your application is tested for all critical aspects.

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Desktop Testing

Desktop Testing

We test desktop apps to deliver top-notch usability, functionality, performance, and security. As a result, consistent quality on any device guarantees perfect usability and smooth operation.

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Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Providing manual testing services, our team aims to verify that all the product functions work perfectly as intended. We use efficient testing techniques to detect even unobvious bugs that can potentially harm user experience.

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Automated Testing

Automated Testing

The QAwerk testers have extensive experience in the automation of the QA process. Automated testing can be the most profitable solution to expand testing coverage and achieve efficiency, quality, and cost reduction.

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Technical Writing

Technical Writing

To ensure the most efficient testing process, it is important to have complete and transparent product requirements. It impacts product quality and helps to stay on budget avoiding the unexpected costs.

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I would recommend QAwerk for many reasons but I think two stand out - the quick seamless onboarding experience, this is absolutely key for a team that is outsourcing something so critical as QA. But also the smart use of different communication channels - they were used effectively, with respect, with a really thoughtful mindset.
Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz, CEO at Penpot
There's a real commitment to get the task done in a timeframe that is expected. The quality of the work is very high. I would certainly recommend working with QAwerk's team.
Robert Severn, VP of Engineering at Evolv Technologies
The QA team has been a great help for the release of our new offering, Unfold for Brands. The team has really put themselves in the place of the user to find any bugs or user experience issues, mitigating any potential issues at launch.
Alfonso Cobo
Alfonso Cobo, Head of Unfold at Squarespace
Meet Bug HunterMeet Bug Hunter

Meet Bug Hunter

a free mobile tool for manual UI/UX testing of Android apps
developed by QAwerk


  • Rulers & Guides
  • Grid
  • Screenshot
  • Record Video
  • Mockups
  • Color Picker
  • Longshot

Meet Bug HunterMeet Bug HunterMeet Bug HunterMeet Bug Hunter

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