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  • I want to test a newly built product
  • I want to test a product which underwent lots of changes since initial implementation
  • I want to test only a module of my product
  • I want to test new functionality of an existing product

Quality is our habit. QAwerk is a firm believer that accurate software testing cost estimate and proper test execution are no less important than the development cycle for the successful outcome of any project. We also reckon that adhering to QA quotes is vital for a sustainable reputation with the client.

Experience plays a crucial role in estimating software quality assurance quotes. QAwerk has amassed a wealth of outsource software testing experience that results from diverse projects we have participated in hence we can say that it is essential for each customer to determine the type of testing suitable for the project and to know the probable cost of software quality assurance.

Quality Assurance Quotes

Obviously one cannot just blindly put some number of resources or man-hours required for this or that testing quotes. Cost of software quality should be realistic and accurate. That’s why guided by accumulated experience, we created a quote calculator, which estimates the number of working hours and days needed for your project, depending on the software type (web, mobile or desktop application), the number of used browsers.

Software testing estimation is a meticulous activity aimed at calculating an unambiguous time, resources and expenses needed to execute software testing in a specified environment. That is the main purpose of quote calculator by QAwerk, to forecast accurate numbers in order to avoid exceeding time limits and overshooting budgets. It’s all about the life expectancy of your solution and finding a happy balance between time, cost and quality.

We are sure that QAwerk’s software testing quotes pleasantly surprise you.

If you agree with our software testing fees or have additional questions, send us your details for further cooperation, and be sure that our intelligent efforts will result in the supreme quality and longevity of your product.