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QAwerk's Clients Around the World

United States
  • New York 43 %
  • California 29 %
  • Pennsylvania16 %
  • Kentucky 12 %
  • UK35 %
  • Belgium18 %
  • Norway15 %
  • Spain12 %
  • Switzerland11 %
  • France9 %
Australia and Oceania
  • Australia67 %
  • New Zealand33 %
  • South Korea60 %
  • China40 %
  • Zambia60 %
  • South Africa25 %
  • Kenya15 %

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Escuela Coaching
Madrid, Spain
EEC has been helping individuals and organizations shape their futures since 2003. EEC's training programs, created by its Academic Direction, draw on years of experience in executive coaching and boutique consulting.
Palo Alto, California, United States
ClickHouse is a fast open-source database designed for real-time applications and analytics. It operates efficiently across various environments, providing quick queries on large datasets at an affordable rate.
Frankfurt, Germany
Deck13 is a leading developer in Germany's gaming scene. Over two decades, they've developed more than 20 titles, including big hits like The Surge games and Lords of the Fallen. Game genres include action, role-playing games (RPGs), adventure, and strategy.
Be Family
Allentown, PA, United States
Be Family is the developer of the eponymous mobile solutions for iOS and Android designed to simplify the admin work of running a family. The Be Family app enables easy event planning, chore scheduling, and real-time collaboration for family members and friends.
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Evolv Technologies
San Francisco, CA, United States
Evolv Technologies helps brands drive more revenue using the power of AI technology perfecting their online customer experiences.
Paris, France
Station is a platform that unites numerous everyday tools and services in a single workspace. Station supports 600+ web applications for business & productivity and continues to gain popularity day by day.
Unpakt is a comparative pricing and booking website for moving services. Unpakt offers residents the ability to plan, compare prices, and book a move online.
Zazu Africa
Lusaka, Zambia
Zazu is a money app that helps you store, use, and learn about money. It’s free to join, easy to understand, and makes managing money effortless.
Elsewhen (ex Hive)
London, United Kingdom
Elsewhen is a studio designing digital products and services. They work with the whole spectrum of customers, from the smallest of startups to giant companies, including Google. The team specializes in research, development, design, and testing of applications.
Loaded Reports
Dunedin, New Zealand
Loaded hospitality management system provides businesses with real-time information about sales and helps to track all the operations from any device around the clock. It also offers cash reconciliation, budgeting, rostering, timeclock, and inventory management systems.
Hitcents is a full-service video game publisher and developer. These applications vary in the genre: from mobile games to enterprise-level business applications.
London, United Kingdom
Thirdfort automates identity and source of funds checks, reducing risks to lawyers and conveyancers by automates identity and source of funds checks. A combination of cutting-edge AI and Open Banking built into this product can improve your client experience
Hong Kong
StrongLifts is a gym workout planner, exercise timer, weight lifting log & tracker. The app contains all the features for productive training.
Spectre Studios
Sydney, Australia
Spectre is the leading XR studio in Australia with experience in feature films, TVCs, broadcast, animation, VFX and motion design, VR game development, CG VR experiences, and NFTs.
Squarespace, Inc.
New York, NY, United States
Squarespace is an all-in-one CMS as a service, with features tailored to a specific business type. The platform provides templates with custom CSS, a built-in anti-spam commenting system, locks for pages under construction, express checkout, automatic discounts, integrated analytics, and plenty of other helpful functionality.
Native Games Studios
Kyiv, Ukraine
Name Games Studios is a game publishing company. Among its releases is a romantic RPG – Couple Up! Love Story Choices and a patriotic casual game – Sunflower Slap.
Unfold is a world popular mobile app for creating engaging Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook stories. It offers a collection of 25 beautiful, easy-to-use templates to design inspiring posts. 3 million users all over the world use this attractive app to create amazing stories every day.
Madrid, Spain
Kaleidos is a startup incubator taking care of products from idea testing and MVP to actual release and further growth. Kaleidos has already launched several successful products, such as Penpot, a design solution for cross-domain collaboration, and Taiga, PM software for agile teams.
Zurich, Switzerland
VirtaMed is a global provider of patented surgical simulators for medical education. It offers readily-available VR simulators for training in orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, laparoscopy, and urology. The company also helps enterprises design custom solutions.
Brussels, Belgium
Kazidomi is an e-commerce platform offering various products for healthy nutrition, hygiene & beauty, and baby care. It delivers goods to countries across Europe.
PIXO develops iOS and Android apps for creativity and productivity. Its portfolio includes a mobile logo maker, baby storytelling app, work schedule planner, sleep sound app, and more.
Magic Mountain
London, United Kingdom
Magic Mountain is a fitness app with elements of competing and gamification. It allows users to monitor their day-to-day movement activities, track progress, and participate in fitness challenges together with friends.
Arctype is an SQL client designed for developers and research teams. It simplifies work with databases through convenient GUI, data visualization, and editing & sharing options.
Lusaka, Zambia
Union54 is a card-issuing API enabling African fintechs to issue their own virtual and physical debit cards without a bank or third-party processor. The Union54 APIs allow to program cards as per one’s preferences and fund them in multiple currencies.
Keystone Education Group
Oslo, Norway
Keystone is a company in higher education marketing, working with 4200 institutions in over 90 countries. They match students with the right study programs while helping institutions increase their audience.
Virtually Human Studios
Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia
Virtually Human Studios is a blockchain game developer that uses emerging technologies in gaming, sports, and mixed reality to create metaverse experiences. The startup is best known for the Zed Run and Human Park projects.

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