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Software Performance Testing Services

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Performance is the top priority in any business. It has become an essential issue at present, especially since the growth of computing power decreased, and the volume of tasks is going up at the same speed.

With the increasing interactivity of applications and requests to them from users, the load on the server is growing and requires a high level of service. Also, long load time or crashes lead to loss of users, so the app’s performance is becoming extremely important for developers.

QA Performance Testing

To be sure of the correct operation of the app in real conditions, performance testing is imperative. This is one of the most important testing stages, which allows to emulate user queries on different values ​​and compare the initial criteria for assessing the performance of the operation with real indicators.

Performance indicators are independent quality criteria that also affect stability, fault tolerance, and application security. Therefore, such software performance testing types as load, stress, stability and configuration tests help to evaluate the behavior of the app for a given expected load and to assess the behavior of the system when the standard load is exceeded.

Performance software testing helps to assess the efficiency and operational capability of the application during the design and deployment phases. This testing even evaluates the performance and working capacity of the app at the stage of delivering new releases or patches and optimizes application performance, including server settings and code optimization.

During the testing process measures the execution time of operations at certain intensities. Besides, it determines the number of users simultaneously working with the application and the limits of acceptable performance with increasing load, examines productivity at high, extreme, stressful burdens.

Software performance testing process requires serious programming skills, knowledge of network protocols, various application servers, and databases. Our highly skilled professionals can apply a software performance testing best practices and handle this tasks without difficulty.

Automated Performance Testing

Automated performance testing allows to optimize the process of creating and executing test cases and also find the appropriate software platform and server configuration for the application. Automatic scripts perform repetitive tasks and allow to test the product more regularly based on the generated scripts.

Configuration Performance Testing

Configuration testing helps to determine the optimal configuration of equipment that can provide needed performance characteristics and system reaction time, as well as to test system performance with changing its configurations. Combining this testing with stress, load, and stability tests can bring excellent results.

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