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Products we develop receive world’s recognition
Helped platform speed up feature delivery with test automation and become #1 startup in Belgium
Helped bug-proof VR training solution for surgeons and join CHF 12 mln gov project
  • World’s premier resource website on healthcare simulation
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  • Renowned media giant covering financial news, data, and commentary
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Helped leading web3 gaming studio bug-proof next-gen metaverse platform for 30K+ early access players
  • News website covering web3, NFTs, metaverse, and AR/VR
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  • Creative network for innovators and tech leaders in blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi
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  • World’s largest newswire distribution network
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  • Australia’s news portal on ASX-listed small and micro cap stocks
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Transformed a crashy storymaker into a billion-user content creation platform acquired by Squarespace
Helped successfully go from beta to official release and reach over 250K users
Achieved app stability and speeded up software releases by 20% with overnight testing and automation
Helped #1 social fitness app in UK transition from MVP to Premium with subscriptions growing daily
  • UK-based magazine featuring technology news and innovations from the fitness, sport and wellness sectors
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  • News portal covering emerging technology companies in London and latest developments in tech across the whole of the UK
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Future-proofed Zambia #1 card-issuing API with test automation resulting in $15 mln seed round funding
Helped Norway #1 study portal improve 8 content-heavy websites used by 110 mln students annually
Performed regression testing of desktop app with 600+ integrations on WidowsmacOSand Ubuntu
  • Website specialized in providing users with latest versions of software and its overviews
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  • German tech news resource
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  • Provides an essential lens to navigating modern life and culture
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  • Online publication that issues tips and guides on internet, computer software, and mobile apps
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Helped popular US moving service detect adaptation issues and smoothly transition to new stack
  • Premier resource connecting qualified renters with their ideal apartment home
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Helped #1 finance management app in Africa eliminate bugs and become Mastercard Principal Member
QAwerk helped BeFamily ensure zero- bug product launch and rapidly reach thousands of installs

See how we ensured Unfold app’s quality that led to acquisition by Squarespace

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