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System Testing in a Nutshell

because your application should work as an integrated whole

When all separate software modules have been checked and there are no problems with their integration, it is quite necessary to assemble the whole system and examine it by conducting a software system testing.

Software system testing is a set of different tests applied to a complete and fully integrated system. As a rule, it is done by a professional team or a single quality assurance specialist before the product is finally released. There are about 50 testing types, which can all potentially be done but in most cases, there isn’t enough time and resources for it. That is why QA experts tend to pre-determine their personal list of the most important tests:

Need End-to-End System Testing?

Why is End-to-End System Testing So Important?

There’s one test that should conclude all such lists. It is called End-to-End System Testing, and its purpose is to check how components, including peripherals, interact with each other and with the system as a whole. It sums up everything that QA engineers have already done with a product. This part is crucial and you can’t simply skip it. System Testing is never complete without this procedure.

System QA is a great way to prevent issues with a product, increase its reliability, and to make sure that all the requirements and goals are fulfilled. Requirements may differ, but most QA experts often refer to standards like ISO 9000 or CMMI.

The Role of a Quality Assurance Team in a Project

QA team in QAwerk inspects the products through the whole development cycle. We monitor source code, software design, performance and overall usability of the product so that user always gets a complete, handy and fully optimized software. And if any issue occurs, we, along with a developer team, don’t let bugs get to the final development stage.

All in all, testing and quality assurance are too important to ignore them. Developers that underestimate the benefits of these features are forced to continuously release patches that often turn out to be even bigger than the initial code. We recommend always using it to enhance the overall quality of your products and if you don’t have a stand-alone QA team, we at QAwerk are always ready to grant you our Quality Assurance services.

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