User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Services

User Acceptance Testing

to make sure your customers are going to appreciate your product

Your product has already been through a lot, many tests have been conducted and testing techniques applied? Then you should have one more step before the release – Software User Acceptance Testing also known as Beta-Testing.

So, what is acceptance testing? It is a testing that helps to evaluate the system’s compliance with the business requirements and assess whether it is acceptable for delivery. Make sure that your software is correct for business use and can support continuous business and user scenarios – is the main purpose of user acceptance testing.

A lot of people consider Software Acceptance Testing redundant after all the past QA stages because one of the requirements of starting UAT is that all previously detected bugs have to be eliminated. However, practice shows that it works out pretty well allowing to achieve higher quality for the entire project. The main reason of its efficiency is that end users are often involved in testing, and it demonstrates:

the product’s impact on the consumers

their interest in the product

what developers forgot to think about

how the product operates in real-world situations

UAT is essential, mainly because developers can not always put themselves in user’s or customer’s shoes, as well as, they can misinterpret the specifications or make edits the other way than the customer wanted it to be. The involvement of end users cuts down on these misunderstandings and, as a result, users get the product that suits them best.

User Acceptance Testing Methodology is pretty complex. It consists of a large number of stages, and some companies may lack time or staff to conduct and control the user acceptance testing process. And in certain cases, you have to automate the tests. If your long-run objective is the development of your business and not a continual testing routines, the smartest decision would be to outsource testing to a dedicated team of professionals that performs all types of acceptance testing on the high level. It spares you from hiring or teaching, it saves your resources and doesn’t drive your focus away from the business.

We, at QAwerk, master in a lot of user acceptance testing best practices and apply them in projects. We always check the Software Acceptance at the end of every project we take, and it always has a positive effect on the products of our clients. Then why not make it a habit of yours? And if you don’t know what to begin with, the QAwerk testing team can show you the way.



Afraid that your application will get much worse reviews than well-known apps on Play Market and App Store? We will prepare and manage all the necessary tests to fine-tune your app so it can reach higher ratings.


Websites and web services with confusing or irrational design discourage users from ever utilizing them. With our services, your web application will become as user-friendly as possible.


Desktop software nowadays has very high standards. We will make your software more stable so that your users would be more likely to stay loyal.

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Having completed a lot of projects, our team has gained decent planning skills. At the beginning of every project, we precisely estimate potential time spending. So your project will always be released on time.


Our services are considerably less expensive against the other outsourcing companies. We understand that projects of either large enterprises or small low-budget startups require testing.


We value our customers, and they do appreciate our professional approach to their projects. Therefore over half of our clients return to us later with more products to test.

Platforms we Perform Software Acceptance Testing for

Software Acceptance Testing Types We Provide

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing is carried out by the end users of the software and helps to verify if the application supports the business processes and specific requirements are working for the user. On our account, there are hundreds of tested apps, so we are always ready to make your products completely bug-free.

Operational Acceptance Testing

The final verification before a system release should be operational acceptance testing. It ensures that everything required to support the app in production is in place and allow the software or system to be used. With our professional team, you can be sure that your product will be fully ready to launch.

Contract and Regulation Acceptance Testing

During contract acceptance testing our specialists can check whether the developed software is tested against specifications which are predefined in a contract. Also, we can ensure regulation testing of your software to verify its compliance with a government, legal or safety regulations.

Alpha and Beta Testing

For every software product, alpha and beta testings are required. They help to receive users feedbacks and fix issues to improve product usability. Internal alpha testing or external customers testing – we can cope with any of them to help you release a product that will entirely meet with users needs and expectations.

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