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Penetration testing to uncover your product
vulnerabilities before hackers do

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Nowadays 95% of data breaches happen in retail, fintech, and
government sectors. What do we do about that?

Test Thoroughly

Relying on a vulnerability scanner alone is not a winning cybersecurity strategy. While it’s a good starting point, comprehensive security is hardly achievable without professional penetration testing. Let ethical hackers in before real intruders show up unannounced.

Think Like Hacker

Our seasoned pentesters will analyze your software and your entire IT infrastructure from the perspective of a potential hacker. Often, a small security gap or human error is the backdoor hackers enter to gain access to the system and conduct more sophisticated attacks.

Secure Assets

Having an eye for detail, the skill to think like a hacker, and the expertise in utilizing robust cybersecurity tools, QAwerk pentesters will take you through possible cyber threat scenarios and consult on ways to secure your most valuable assets.

Data leak detectionInsider threat preventionRemote computer forensicsExternal network security auditStatic application security testingWeb penetration testingWebsite security auditOur remote pentesting
Security Weaknesses Technical Impacts Security Controls Permissions granted by default Bypassable authentication Readable / executable directories Exercise least privilege Minimise CORS usage Monitor access control failures User rights Admin privileges Data tampering Stolen SSNs and IDs Exposed health records Access to user credit cards Data exposure Modified / deleted records Site takeover Intellectual property loss PR & investigation fees Undermined user trust Regulatory fines Remediation expenses Reputation loss Discard sensitive data if possible Tokenize or truncate data Encrypt data at rest and in transit Service disruption Loss of customers Litigation Use server-side validation Restrict DB access Separate data from commands & queries Data transmitted in clear text Weak cryptographic protocols Missing key management Client-side validation Weak input sanitization Legacy code Business Impacts

Penetration Testing Services

Data Leak Detection

Our professional pentesters will help you identify potential data leaks across public databases like Elasticsearch and MongoDB, paste sites, criminal forums, and dark web marketplaces. Find out what assets are already exposed to immediately take action, prevent insider threats, and protect your intellectual property, proprietary software, employee and consumer financial and private data. Preserve your data integrity with expert pen testing services.

Website Security Audit

We’ll manually test your website to pinpoint security gaps, such as weak validation of input and authentication fields. The QAwerk team will carefully test your web app to help you identify the areas most vulnerable to XSS- and SQL injections. Our pentesters also perform code debugging, cleaning up all the leftover sources, files, and data.

Web Penetration Testing

As an ethical hacking company, we can simulate an external or internal attack on your web app in a controlled environment to showcase its vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited. QAwerk comprehensive pentest will reveal if there’s a possibility of gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data and determine the security level of web, email servers, and hosting.

Static Application Analysis

Static application security testing (SAST) is meant to help businesses detect flaws in the source code long before the product reaches consumers. We analyze the source code before it’s compiled to mark security loopholes in code early in the software development life cycle. Secure your software from the very core, eliminating post-production pains and losses.

External Network Pentesting

External network pentesting is essential for determining highly impactful exploits. Our pentesters will imitate the steps a potential hacker would make to glean information from the internet about your network, use that knowledge to uncover vulnerabilities, and run the exploits to assess the damage of individual weaknesses and their impact as a whole. Protect your business early on with professional ethical hacking services.

Remote Computer Forensics

Our forensic analysis team will help you trace instances of data alteration on websites, servers, and social media. Find out what files were downloaded, what emails and corporate records were deleted, and what websites were visited. Discover what assets have been deliberately hidden or damaged to back up your digital investigation and recover your data integrity.

Penetration Testing Benefits

Secure Product Launch

A smooth product launch is foundational to winning consumers’ trust. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the software has no loopholes to be exploited, and user data is secured against cyber threats. Our pentesters conduct comprehensive pre-release security validation checks to help businesses eliminate costly post-production issues and get the software ready for potential cyber-attacks.

Secure Software Upgrade

Consistent software updates are indispensable for keeping the software up and running, and they often contain vital security patches. At the same time, they may introduce new software vulnerabilities, thus putting sensitive user data in jeopardy. Therefore, penetration testing must be part of every mission-critical release, especially if the updates are numerous.

Reduced Downtime

With our quality penetration testing services, you’ll be able to act proactively and avert imminent damage associated with service interruption – financial losses alone amount to a whopping 400K an hour. Contemporary DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks have grown in complexity and scalability; therefore, now businesses need to adopt a multifaceted cybersecurity approach with pentesting topping the list.

Intact Company Image

Security incidents inflict not only immediate financial losses caused by network downtime but also severe reputational damage. No consumer wants their sensitive data shared on the dark web. Therefore, those companies who make system breach headlines are forced to allocate extra resources for restoring their good name and re-winning customer loyalty. Avert the crisis by hiring an ethical hacking company that will help you enhance your security posture.

Improved Compliance

Digital-first businesses are required to comply with various cybersecurity regulations. SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR – all these recognize consistent penetration testing as a solid validation of a company’s strong cybersecurity posture. Our pentesters will guide you on specific security standards, ways to satisfy their rules and thus avoid enormous fines for non-compliance.

Greater Intelligence

Pentesting is not only one of the most effective cybersecurity measures but also a great help in high-level decision-making. Having a comprehensive picture of a product’s vulnerabilities, businesses can instantly shift their focus to the most critical areas and allocate resources more efficiently. Pentesting services allow companies to stay forewarned and therefore forearmed.

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