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Nowadays 95% of data breaches happen in retail, fintech, and
government sectors. What do we do about that?

Test Thoroughly

Relying on a vulnerability scanner alone is not a winning cybersecurity strategy. While it’s a good starting point, comprehensive security is hardly achievable without professional penetration testing. Let ethical hackers in before real intruders show up unannounced.

Think Like Hacker

Our seasoned pentesters will analyze your software and your entire IT infrastructure from the perspective of a potential hacker. Often, a small security gap or human error is the backdoor hackers enter to gain access to the system and conduct more sophisticated attacks.

Secure Assets

Having an eye for detail, the skill to think like a hacker, and the expertise in utilizing robust cybersecurity tools, QAwerk pentesters will take you through possible cyber threat scenarios and consult on ways to secure your most valuable assets.


Penetration Testing Services

Data Leak Detection

Our professional pentesters will help you identify potential data leaks across public databases like Elasticsearch and MongoDB, paste sites, criminal forums, and dark web marketplaces. Find out what assets are already exposed to immediately take action, prevent insider threats, and protect your intellectual property, proprietary software, employee and consumer financial and private data. Preserve your data integrity with expert pen testing services.

Website Security Audit

We’ll manually test your website to pinpoint security gaps, such as weak validation of input and authentication fields. The QAwerk team will carefully test your web app to help you identify the areas most vulnerable to XSS- and SQL injections. Our pentesters also perform code debugging, cleaning up all the leftover sources, files, and data.

Web Penetration Testing

As an ethical hacking company, we can simulate an external or internal attack on your web app in a controlled environment to showcase its vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited. QAwerk comprehensive pentest will reveal if there’s a possibility of gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data and determine the security level of web, email servers, and hosting.

Static Application Analysis

Static application security testing (SAST) is meant to help businesses detect flaws in the source code long before the product reaches consumers. We analyze the source code before it’s compiled to mark security loopholes in code early in the software development life cycle. Secure your software from the very core, eliminating post-production pains and losses.

External Network Pentesting

External network pentesting is essential for determining highly impactful exploits. Our pentesters will imitate the steps a potential hacker would make to glean information from the internet about your network, use that knowledge to uncover vulnerabilities, and run the exploits to assess the damage of individual weaknesses and their impact as a whole. Protect your business early on with professional ethical hacking services.

Remote Computer Forensics

Our forensic analysis team will help you trace instances of data alteration on websites, servers, and social media. Find out what files were downloaded, what emails and corporate records were deleted, and what websites were visited. Discover what assets have been deliberately hidden or damaged to back up your digital investigation and recover your data integrity.

Penetration Testing Benefits

Secure Product Launch

A smooth product launch is foundational to winning consumers’ trust. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the software has no loopholes to be exploited, and user data is secured against cyber threats. Our pentesters conduct comprehensive pre-release security validation checks to help businesses eliminate costly post-production issues and get the software ready for potential cyber-attacks.

Secure Software Upgrade

Consistent software updates are indispensable for keeping the software up and running, and they often contain vital security patches. At the same time, they may introduce new software vulnerabilities, thus putting sensitive user data in jeopardy. Therefore, penetration testing must be part of every mission-critical release, especially if the updates are numerous.

Reduced Downtime

With our quality penetration testing services, you’ll be able to act proactively and avert imminent damage associated with service interruption – financial losses alone amount to a whopping 400K an hour. Contemporary DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks have grown in complexity and scalability; therefore, now businesses need to adopt a multifaceted cybersecurity approach with pentesting topping the list.

Intact Company Image

Security incidents inflict not only immediate financial losses caused by network downtime but also severe reputational damage. No consumer wants their sensitive data shared on the dark web. Therefore, those companies who make system breach headlines are forced to allocate extra resources for restoring their good name and re-winning customer loyalty. Avert the crisis by hiring an ethical hacking company that will help you enhance your security posture.

Improved Compliance

Digital-first businesses are required to comply with various cybersecurity regulations. SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR – all these recognize consistent penetration testing as a solid validation of a company’s strong cybersecurity posture. Our pentesters will guide you on specific security standards, ways to satisfy their rules and thus avoid enormous fines for non-compliance.

Greater Intelligence

Pentesting is not only one of the most effective cybersecurity measures but also a great help in high-level decision-making. Having a comprehensive picture of a product’s vulnerabilities, businesses can instantly shift their focus to the most critical areas and allocate resources more efficiently. Pentesting services allow companies to stay forewarned and therefore forearmed.

Pentesting Methods We Use

Black Box Testing

This testing method is perfect for simulating an attack by an external hacker who has no access to the source code and only a limited understanding of the network structure, software protection, and other security controls.

Grey Box Testing

Here, the attacker is aware of some internal processes and may have access to certain functionality. This scenario implies that the hacker is either a malicious employee or an external intruder who uses someone’s compromised credentials.

White Box Testing

This type of pentesting presupposes admin rights, access to server configuration files, software architecture, knowledge of data encryption mechanisms, etc. It is meant to discover those vulnerabilities hiding deep under the surface.

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Why Us

Comprehensive Audit

Our pentesting team will help you conduct a thorough security audit. We’ll carefully examine your product and your entire IT infrastructure for external vulnerabilities, loopholes in internal network configurations and operations, as well as weak policies against social engineering.

Minimum Disruption

We understand the great damage behind service interruption. Therefore, we make sure our pentesters cause minimum disruption to your business operations while conducting their security checks. Our QAwerk team approaches each penetration test with utmost responsibility and impeccable planning.

Actionable Reports

In our detailed pentesting report, we prioritize each vulnerability, showcase how they can be exploited, and mention if there’s leeway for advanced persistent threats. We also provide recommendations on how to fix particular vulnerabilities and enhance the company’s security posture in general. With our pen testing services, you get a full security package with actionable insights.

Perfect Process

Our pentesting procedure is transparent, simple, and efficient. First, we define our pentesting goals, scope, and rules of engagement. Then, we proceed to the reconnaissance stage and vulnerability scanning. Having eliminated false positives, we exploit the vulnerabilities and document potential damage in a detailed report.

How We Work

In simple terms, here is how we perform a penetration test.

Pentesting Tools We Use

Using pentesting tools alone will give you only a limited perspective on your security posture. However, combined with refined cybersecurity knowledge and the versatile hands-on experience of our pentesters, they are undoubtedly helpful. Here are just some of our everyday go-to’s.

Kali Linux


Core Impact




Burp Suite

HCL AppScan



Zed Attack Proxy



Fortify Static
Code Analyser




Why can’t I rely on a vulnerability scanner alone?

Automated vulnerability scanning cannot match the depth and precision of a manual penetration test. It will show some of the most common vulnerabilities, yet its detection capabilities are limited and often accompanied by false positives.

While pentesters also use automated vulnerability scanners and a bunch of other pentesting tools, their most valued work comes from their experience and having a mindset trained to think like a hacker.

All in all, vulnerability scanning is a supplementary tool; it cannot satisfy all of your cybersecurity needs and guarantee 100% protection.

How does a penetration test differ from an automated vulnerability scan?

An automated vulnerability scan is a high-level test that checks the system against the database of well-known vulnerabilities. Its results require manual validation to ensure the reported vulnerabilities are indeed exploitable.

A penetration test is a comprehensive hands-on examination by a certified security expert that uses manual and automated testing methods to find vulnerabilities in your system and exploit them.

A pen test mirrors the behavior of a malicious agent by looking for system backdoors and escalating privileges in a non-detectable way.

Unlike a vulnerability scan, a pen test allows companies to see real damage inflicted by exploits and check if advanced persistent threats can occur.

Because pen tests are conducted by humans, they can be customized to suit specific business scenarios. The reporting can also be tailored to non-technical employees.

Is pen testing disruptive to our environment? Will our systems go down?

Pen testing can be disruptive under one condition: it was not properly planned and coordinated.

At QAwerk, we take our time to identify areas that might be affected by a penetration test and adjust our testing methods to minimize the risks.

The pentesting strategy is subject to discussion, and every organization decides for itself how far it wants to go and how pervasive the test will be.

We also advise our clients to provide a test environment and ensure data backup before proceeding with a pen test.

Can we do our own penetration testing?

It depends. Before making a decision to perform in-house penetration testing, make sure to factor in the following considerations:

  • internal pen testers have prior experience and are familiar with numerous technologies
  • engineering teams cannot test their own work; there are separate people responsible for testing
  • some industry regulations require an independent party to perform a pen test, so compliance issues may arise
  • comprehensive pen tests require maintaining a decent repository of open-source and commercial tools

All in all, it is more cost-effective to hire a third-party pentesting vendor that has the right people, latest tools, and battle-tested frameworks and can provide an unbiased perspective on your security posture.

  • QAwerk’s efforts enabled internal developers to eliminate bugs and improve the app’s stability. Communicative and accommodating, the team proved capable of identifying technical errors.
    Alfonso Cobo

    Alfonso Cobo, CEO at Unfold

  • The QAwerk team have been one of our favorite vendors at Arctype. They help keep our app stable and are extremely responsive and thorough. I would recommend the QAwerk team to any startup looking for a great, affordable QA team for their product.
    Justin de Guzman

    Justin de Guzman, Founder at Arctype

  • We started the cooperation by deciding on testing priorities: devices and OSs popular among users, the highest priority domains for testing, and the most crucial user flows, which should always run smoothly. We also created a Slack channel where all our requirements towards tests were discussed. Since then, the tests have been conducted by QAwerk periodically and thoroughly. Any changes to the initial plan can be communicated through Slack and will be addressed immediately.
    Eryk Basta

    Eryk Basta, Product Manager at Keystone Academic Solutions

  • There's a real commitment to get the task done in a timeframe that is expected. The quality of the work is very high. I would certainly recommend working with QAwerk's team.

    Robert Severn, VP of Engineering at Evolv Technologies

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