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Augmented and virtual realities are taking over the technology world, and that’s for a reason: it is a way to take the user experience to a whole new level. While augmented reality enhances real-life settings with digital content, virtual reality fully submerges the user into an artificial environment.

Even the smallest bug can spoil the most engaging AR or VR solution, so proper testing is necessary to ensure no performance hiccups are on the way. More and more businesses resort to professional AR and VR testing services to keep the user journey smooth and consumer engagement high.

Augmented Reality and Virtual App Testing Services

We provide the following testing types:

User Experience Testing

User Experience Testing

AR and VR involve some new ways of user interaction that are not standardized: each test case is unique. Before starting the testing process, we review the requirements and consider all the possible user engagement scenarios.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Augmented and virtual reality experiences are now accessible via various devices and platforms, from tablets to special headsets. It is essential to make sure that the app works smoothly on the targeted devices.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

AR and VR are complex solutions that require more resources from the hardware. Performance testing takes into account the app’s speed, memory and battery consumption, screen and camera use, and other factors.

Security Testing

Integration Testing

AR and VR are complex solutions that require more resources from the hardware. Performance testing takes into account the app’s speed memory AR and VR technologies are often integrated into complex systems comprising multiple apps. Our highly skilled QA engineers will help you ensure that all modules across your AR or VR platform interact seamlessly, process data properly, and work in sync.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Software security is a primary concern for any business, especially if it relies on AR and VR technologies. Personal data access required to enable the device functionality, cross-app data sharing, deception or overload attacks, and input validation are just some of the security vulnerabilities we consider while testing.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

AR and VR bring new challenges to the testing. Apart from having a wow factor, these technologies should be comfortable and safe in use. With accessibility testing, you can eliminate such issues as eye strain or motion sickness and target a broader audience, including people with physical, hearing, or visual impairments.

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Why is VR or AR Testing Important?

Having your VR or AR solution tested is a way to be sure that:

  • the app provides impeccable user experience
  • the app runs smoothly on a given platform and device
  • all the visuals and audio are rendered as expected
  • sensitive information is protected, and data breaches are eliminated

See how we test virtual and augmented reality applications:

  • We can start the QA process at any point of the software development cycle: the sooner, the better. Software testing at early stages helps prevent numerous costly mistakes.
  • We consider the environment: lighting conditions, surrounding objects, location — all of these factors influence the app’s performance. We brainstorm and carefully go through all possible user flows to assure a holistic approach to software testing.
  • We perform comprehensive manual testing: AR and VR technologies require mostly manual testing with a focus on seamless user experience, which is exactly what we do.
  • We provide our clients with detailed QA reports and share our professional assessment of the app and product recommendations.

Why is VR or AR Testing Important?

Why Us?

On-Time Results

Our seasoned PMs are exceptional planners, so we meet deadlines every time. Rest assured, there’ll be no delays. With timely AR testing services, you’ll be the first to surprise your customers, whereas using VR testing services early guarantees impeccable quality in the long term.

Reasonable Quote

We know how to provide superb quality assurance services for a moderate price. With QAwerk, you always know what you are paying for — we calculate the price based on your needs, project scope and complexity, assuring complete transparency.

Multiplatform Testing

Our quality assurance team has years of experience in testing mobile, desktop, and web apps. We know how to make sure that your AR or VR product runs smoothly on any platform, from a smartphone to smart glasses.

Real-Device Testing

The functionality of VR and AR apps depends on the appropriate hardware. Our offices are equipped with modern AR and VR gear, which allows us to continuously master our expertise and deliver high-quality testing results.

Selected Cases



Helped bug-proof VR training solution for surgeons and join CHF 12 mln gov project
There's a real commitment to get the task done in a timeframe that is expected. The quality of the work is very high. I would certainly recommend working with QAwerk's team.
Robert Severn, VP of Engineering at Evolv Technologies
The team is really supportive, and they are nice people, it's always nice to work with such people. They are really effective at what they do.
Sassoon Scheepers, Product Owner at Zazu Africa
The QA team has been a great help for the release of our new offering, Unfold for Brands. The team has really put themselves in the place of the user to find any bugs or user experience issues, mitigating any potential issues at launch.
Alfonso Cobo
Alfonso Cobo, Head of Unfold at Squarespace
We've worked with QAwerk to handle the QA of our native desktop app. They've done a tremendous job and even went out of their way to ensure the quality of the app. We'll continue working with them in the future.
Julien Berthomier
Julien Berthomier, CEO & Co-Founder at Station

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