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Regression testing results in saving 30% in budget and time

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Don’t skip regression testing and risk reputation-damaging bugs slipping into production.

Our Specialized Regression Testing Approach

We align ongoing regression testing with our customers’ needs, providing comprehensive management and support. Our team’s track record includes over 300 well-tested projects. QAwerk’s testing approach combines the skill of seasoned manual testers with automation efficiency to elevate software quality. Whether you require partial or full regression testing, we have your back.

When To Perform Regression Testing?

Regression testing must be carried out regularly, particularly before major software releases and after:

  • Bug fixes
  • Code changes
  • Addition or removal of features or modules
  • Patch fixes
  • Requirement changes
  • Configuration alterations

QAwerk testers will help you ensure new changes have not affected the functionality of the software and have not brought new bugs.

Regression Testing Procedure

Our QA team follows a step-by-step regression testing process:

  • Identifying functionalities impacted by the recent changes
  • Generating new test cases that should be added to cover the recently changed areas
  • Prioritizing test cases according to the risks posed by these changes
  • Selecting test cases for automation
  • Selecting test cases for manual regression testing
  • Executing test cases

Regression testing covers the entire application, encompassing previously tested components. It’s a deep-level testing and therefore can take up to two weeks, depending on platform size and test case complexity.

Our Expertise

Corrective Regression Testing

In corrective regression testing, our QA team verifies that the reported bugs have been fixed without negatively impacting the existing functionality of the application. QAwerk has got your back to double-check that no new problems were introduced.

Retest-All Regression Testing

Leveraging the retest-all approach, we’ll ensure comprehensive coverage and improved defect identification by testing the entire software suite from scratch. Running all the regression tests, we dig into each feature to make sure the main code is good to go.

Selective Regression Testing

We use selective regression testing when a precise selection of test cases is needed, considering factors like code changes, risk assessment, or critical business functionalities. It’s perfect for time-sensitive scenarios, allowing us to focus on key changes and streamline testing efforts.

Progressive Regression Testing

QAwerk testers conduct progressive regression testing to ensure no features from the existing version are overlooked in the updated one. We create new test case scenarios to safeguard existing features.

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There's a real commitment to get the task done in a timeframe that is expected. The quality of the work is very high. I would certainly recommend working with QAwerk's team.
Robert Severn, VP of Engineering at Evolv Technologies
The team is really supportive, and they are nice people, it's always nice to work with such people. They are really effective at what they do.
Sassoon Scheepers, Product Owner at Zazu Africa

Why Us

Risk-Based Prioritization

Applying risk-based prioritization, we analyze the project size, complexity, and importance to efficiently manage the regression test suite.

Automated Regression Testing

Our focus on automating regression testing efforts not only saves clients time and costs but also accelerates time-to-market.

Customized Test Suites

We conduct bespoke regression testing within agile methodologies, customizing it to meet precise customer needs and budgets.


Our CI/CD approach allows for a quick turnaround of new features and bug fixes, preventing them from escalating into larger issues later on.

Compatibility Expertise

QAwerk ensures that your software behaves as expected across multiple platforms, browsers, operating systems, and configurations.

Detailed Reporting

We meticulously document system issues, providing clients with precise data and recommendations for comprehensive progress reports and tangible QA results.

Associated Services

Functional Testing

QAwerk is your go-to for all your functional testing needs. We help startups and well-established businesses identify issues early, reduce overall testing costs, and deliver superior products. Our QA team conducts thorough functional testing, ensuring every aspect of your software runs smoothly for end-users.

Automated Testing

When it comes to regression testing, you’ve got a bunch of test cases that need to be run over and over again. That’s where automated testing shines. We’re experts at integrating automation into your QA process, no matter what stage of development you’re at. Our automation engineers efficiently handle any obstacles, accelerating the process and saving time.

Compatibility Testing

If you’re finding it challenging to ensure your software works well in every environment, we’re here for you. At QAwerk, we identify the weak spots in your product and ensure its responsiveness, functionality, and user-friendliness across all systems, browsers, platforms, servers, and devices.

Integration Testing

When integrating a new unit into an existing software solution, it’s not just about making sure it functions solo. You’ve got to check if the whole system runs smoothly. That’s where QAwerk comes in. Whenever you need to guarantee your application’s integrity and seamless operation, count on our top-notch integration testing services.


What Is Your Approach to Regression Testing?

Our approach includes skilled testers with domain knowledge, a defined hierarchy, a combination of manual and automated regression testing, and a focus on selecting high-priority test cases.

At What Stages in the Software Development Cycle Do You Perform Regression Testing?

Regression testing spans the entire software development lifecycle. We perform it after code changes, server patches, and database upgrades to identify post-deployment performance issues.

What Criteria Do You Use To Select Test Cases for Regression Testing in Your Software?

We create regression test suites, focusing on business requirements, priority modules, and essential features. Meticulous test case selection verifies integration points and changes, with continuous monitoring to remove outdated tests.

How Is Regression Testing Documented and Reported in Your Software Development Lifecycle?

We submit detailed reports with testing specifics and corrective measures. Our bug reports include videos and screenshots, focusing on essential metrics.

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