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Our team consists of wise people who know the way to test your product and think through all the steps in advance. The best practice means that all features of your product, especially new ones, must be passed through the manual software testing based on previously designed test plan and test cases. That is the way when test engineer plays a role of end-user of the app and verifies that it behaves as specified in initial requirements.

Our company performs top quality manual software testing for any kind of device or software platform. We’ve been working in QA field for more than 10 years, that’s why we know various manual testing techniques so that your product will be tested very thoroughly if you work with us.

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Got a mobile application to be tested? We have deep experience in testing mobile applications on all platforms and the most common devices. Manual software testing helps to simulate user actions when using your mobile app and to detect the most frequent errors before testing automation. Our specialists can effectively cope with this task and prepare your product for the next testing stages.


Our company executes top-class QA for projects of any complexity. We test functionality, usability, security and other aspects, applying the latest manual testing techniques in work. Finding bugs yet on the development stage can reduce the cost of their fixing, also improve the application productivity and reliability. Trust manual QA testing to our skilled testing specialists to be confident in the high-quality of your web service!


Plenty of your desktop app features can be manually verified by our skilled QA team under different conditions. QA manual testing has many advantages, one of those is flexibility in setting data and checking the results during testing process. We offer quality manual software testing services for your desktop applications, and ready to apply all our experience to provide you with the best result.

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