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Web Application Testing

We offer professional QA services for startups, scaleups, and big brands to ensure their web apps work properly, have a perfect look, load fast, and are resistant to hacking. With solid expertise across different domains, such as eCommerce, eGovernment, eLearning, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Data Mining, and Game Development, we can develop a custom-tailored software testing strategy that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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Mobile Application Testing

The mobile-driven world dictates a new reality for business and society; therefore, software testing is a must if one wants to keep up with the times. With customer demands hitting all-time highs, it’s vital to debug regularly before and after taking the product to the market. User experience is a crucial success component, and it is easily measured through the ratings and reviews section in the App Store or Google Play. Our substantial experience in manual mobile app testing helps us detect even the most unobvious bugs that inevitably spoil the user journey.

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Desktop App Testing

Although SaaS platforms are rising in popularity, desktop apps are still in demand in every industry. They require thorough software testing as their usability, functionality, performance, compatibility, and security should be at the highest level. Our desktop app testing services aim to ensure top-notch quality of your application, be it native or cross-platform.

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Dedicated QA Team

Dedicated QA team has many advantages over the in-house one, such as no need to support them on a full-time basis, train them, or oversee every QA engineer’s performance as the team is independently managed. By extending your team with our certified and highly skilled software test engineers, you gain more time for focusing on your core business tasks.

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Our Expertise

iOS App Testing

Apple cares about the quality of its products. In our turn, we care about the quality of apps for their users. Our iOS software testers will provide you with quality manual and automated testing for your iPhone or iPad application to ensure it is reliable, convenient, and fully-functioning.

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Android App Testing

Android is one of the most popular platforms which is used on many types of devices. That’s why it is imperative to make sure your apps work properly across all of them. With our large pool of real devices, we can easily provide this service.

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Game Testing

We know that when it comes to games, everything, from usability to security, should be perfect. We offer quality assurance services for games of all types: web, mobile, desktop, and video, to make sure users will be fully satisfied with the game process.

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Manual Testing

Providing manual software testing services, our QAwerk team acts as the end-user and verifies that all the functions of your product work as intended. From unit to acceptance testing, we assure high quality of your product across all software testing levels, which allows us to detect even unobvious bugs harming your app’s reputation.

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Automated Testing

With extensive experience in software test automation, we will help you increase test coverage and test execution speed with maximum ROI. Our test automation engineers will thoroughly study your business needs to consult you on the areas test automation can be applied in your particular case and help you implement these changes.

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Besides quality software testing, we can assist you with technical writing and documentation design by updating or creating from scratch use cases, test plans, test designs, test cases, and checklists. We are also experienced in preparing functional requirements, specifications, user guides, database schemes, product architecture diagrams, among other types of documents.

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Penetration Testing

Prevent cyber attacks by scrutinizing your software against existing vulnerabilities and potential exploits. Our seasoned pentesters will help you conduct a comprehensive website security audit, analyze your app statically and dynamically, detect data leaks, and assess your network security.

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AR & VR Testing

Impress your users with jaw-dropping experiences across platforms. Our QA team will ensure your app performs on par with industry standards, has no compatibility issues, manages user data securely, poses no health hazards, and meets accessibility criteria.

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Overnight Testing

With Overnight Testing, we work while you rest. As you end your day, our work begins, offering a seamless, uninterrupted testing process. This service guarantees that you receive detailed, reliable results first thing in the morning, ensuring a fast turnaround without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

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Our Testing Process

We have a stable Agile software testing process that we are continuously improving year by year.
That said, we guarantee quality and timely results for our customers.

Agile Methodology - QAwerk company

Why Us

Balanced Quote

Our prices are reasonable and transparent. You can use our quote calculator and get a general idea of the price for our QA services. Our experts will provide you with all the necessary information, as well as help to determine the testing methods matching your project.

Off- and On-Site Work

We do not get stuck in one place. We are likely to work with you on-site, if needed, no matter where you are: in a skyscraper in the USA, at the beach in Australia or even in a pub in Ireland. In our turn, we really love to host guests. So be sure to visit one of our R&D offices if you happen to come to Ukraine.

Timely Results

After analyzing the requirements and determining the appropriate testing methods, we agree on the timing of the project. It is important for our company to comply with these deadlines, and to provide the result to our client in time. We guarantee to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Selected Cases

We stand for high-quality standards, transparent collaboration, and the best value for our clients. That’s why QAwerk has been recognized as one of the Top Software Testing and Quality Assurance Companies by DesignRush. Look at some success stories of our work, and maybe your project will be the next?



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Transformed a crashy storymaker into a billion-user content creation platform acquired by Squarespace


Performed regression testing of desktop app with 600+ integrations on WidowsmacOSand Ubuntu

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