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Software QA and testing - what for?

It doesn’t matter how simple the product seems, because behind its quality there is a ton of work done. Good things are much more difficult to notice than bad. In most cases, software quality assurance testing services offer your users the opportunity to enjoy the seamless and flawless product, making sure your business requirements are met.

Quality assurance testing services include many things, from testing to analyzing results.

Most software products need QA engineers to:

  • Monitor the development process.
  • Prevent system errors and bugs before users find them.
  • To ensure the quality of the product.

It is not an easy-peasy thing to test the system – without special skills, even an experienced developer is hardly able to do it. For this reason, QAwerk is a firm believer that if you outsource software testing services to the third parties for an unbiased assessment, then your business is doomed to thrive.

Offshore Software Testing Services by QAwerk

We provide a full set of software QA services for businesses of all sizes. Our team is a group of high-class software QA engineers with a vast expertise in various types of software testing. The specialists at QAwerk supply our clients with one of the best-of-breed quality assurance techniques to let them accelerate the efficiency of business performance as a whole. Our reliable team covers a holistic and coordinated set of third party quality assurance services for verification of customer’s projects. With external QA help performed by QAwerk, you can bring down investments in infrastructure of your project, whereas receiving a high-quality service.

Mobile Software QA Services

Mobile-driven world dictates a new reality for business and society, and software testing is very important in it. If you develop a mobile app for your business, it’s very important to have it not buggy before going into production.

We provide all kind of application testing and software quality assurance services for mobile: functional, usability, performance, security etc.

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Native Apps

Web Apps

Mobile Websites

Mobile Games

Software QA Services for Web

The world of web has become huge and powerful since we saw the first website, and now the web application testing is extremely important. Today, web applications are serious facilities of enhancing your business or even making business with them. At the same time, given the competition, your web-based product should be high-quality and bug-free to make your users happy. We’ve been providing software QA services for all kind of web products since 2005, and we know how to make your product shine.

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Web Apps



Desktop Software QA Services

Whether mobile and SaaS platforms have conquered the world or not, desktop apps is still in demand. Any app like this requires thorough software testing, just because in lots of cases these products are used every day, so their usability, functionality, performance and security should be top-level.
Our QA specialists will help you make your desktop app peachy.

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Business Apps

Desktop Games

Documentation Design and Technical Writing

A lack of the well-documented requirements is the common problem of many projects that would cause a lot of damage to your business. Our software QA team has a strong experience in technical writing. If you have an idea for your business and how to increase its efficiency with software, and you’re sure of what your product should do, our team will gladly prepare any technical documentation for you, such as functional requirements, specification, user’s guide, database scheme, product architecture diagram, etc.

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Offshore Software Testing Team

External software testing team has a great advantage against in-house one in terms of costs. Offshore test team is quite cheaper because you don’t need to support their full-time, train them, and you know exactly that the hired staff can handle the particular task they involved in. We will help you in hiring the best QA professionals and contract a very strong software testing team for your quality goals.

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Functional Testing

Usability Testing

Security Testing

Performance Testing

Platforms We Perform Software Testing for

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The best QA quote you can get

Using our quote calculator you can get the initial idea of our transparent and reasonable pricing for quality assurance services. Our consultants will give you even more information on whether you need certain types of software testing and other matters concerning your project.

Perfect process for product perfection

Our software testing service is as much transparent as our pricing. We work with different engagement models following best practices in organizing the software quality assurance process whether it is agile, waterfall or other methodology you need.

Timely results

Following the deadlines is our corporate credo. Before we start we always analyze the project very thoroughly to give you the best idea on when the project is going to be delivered. We don’t like inconsistency in application testing process and we are sure you don’t either.

Long-term collaboration

QAwerk is your reliable independent software testing partner you always can count on. A lot of our clients work with us for years. If you need offshore software testing services or automated tests support on permanent basis, it’s the best option to find a reliable long-term software testing partner, and QAwerk is exactly the one.


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