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We are a team of true gamers with a skillset of expert testers. Our interactive entertainment testing expertise covers the following areas.

Console Games Testing

We’re experienced in testing Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch games. Our QA engineers will help you ensure your game loads at lightning speed and has no frame rate drops, graphics issues, sound delays, objects defying gravity, or any other annoying glitches.

PC Games Testing

Our game testers will help you spot crashes, freezes, game mechanics issues, localization bugs, and other defects. We’ll help you ensure players can enjoy their PC game experience without any hiccups along the way, regardless of the devices and operating systems used.

Browser Games Testing

We’ll perform cross-browser testing to satisfy the needs of a broader audience. With us, you can quickly identify and fix screenplay, camera view, network connectivity bugs, and improve CPU/ GPU usage. Detect security loopholes and protect your players’ data from exposure.

The global games market in 2021 will generate revenues

The global games market in 2023 will generate revenues

The global games market in 2021 will generate revenues

$396 bln

The global games market in 2021 will generate revenues

Newzoo predicts the market will surpass by the end of 2023
$533 bln

The global games market in 2023 will generate revenues$396 blnNewzoo predicts the market will surpass by the end of 2027$533 bln

AR and VR Game Testing

We’ll ensure your AR/VR game is not only jaw-dropping but also safe for players, causing no motion sickness, eye strain, headache, or disorientation. AR games are tested in different environments and lighting conditions. In VR testing, we focus a lot on immersiveness.

Mobile Game Testing

We test mobile games only on real devices prevalent among your user base. Our game testers will check if the onboarding is frictionless, layouts and elements are fully rendered, rewards are retrievable, gesture controls function properly, in-app purchases appear correctly, and more.

Relative cost to fix bugs based on time of detection

Did you know software bugs cost the US economy over $2 trillion?
Did you know software bugs cost the US economy over $2 trillion?
Did you know software bugs cost the US economy over $2 trillion?

  • Production/Post Release
  • System/Acceptance Testing
  • Integration/Component Testing
  • Coding
  • Requirements Architecture

x15x10x30x2x6System/Acceptance TestingIntegration/Component TestingCodingRequirements ArchitectureProduction/Post Release

Expensive lessons of game studios neglecting QA

One testing ecosystem for delivering well-polished games

Regression testing

Surprise your players with frequent delivery of new content. We can help you speed up your release cycle while keeping the quality bar high.


Improve team efficiency and avoid the bus factor by keeping your project well-documented. We can also design a test strategy and test plan for you.


Detect bugs early in the development cycle with all-around QA support – from test case creation to automating regression suites and fixing compatibility bugs.


Identify gaps in your requirements before initiating full-fledged development. We’ll help you reduce bugs associated with incomplete requirements.


Ensure players enjoy an immersive, uninterrupted gaming experience regardless of their hardware configurations and network conditions.


Improve gameplay mechanics by detecting and fixing confusing or frustrating aspects. We’ll also help you make your game more captivating.


Verify how well your game performs as an integrated whole. Our skilled game testers will help you spot showstoppers, glitches, and minor defects across your entire system.


Gain peace of mind and confidence on the release day. We’ll help you meet current user expectations and compliance regulations.

Did you know software bugs cost
the US economy over $2 trillion?

Don’t risk losing your customers and money to common yet critical bugs

Game Testing Services
Game Testing Services

Our Expertise

Game Functionality Testing

We identify issues like crashes, errors, freezes and help deliver top-quality games. Ensure that your game meets the requirements.

Game Compatibility Testing

We check that the game works seamlessly across devices and platforms for a perfect user experience.

Game Performance Testing

We save your product from the long loading times, which usually leads to high user churn. Optimize the speed of your game.

Game Compliance Testing

Ensure your game adheres to specific guidelines and regulations and, therefore, will seamlessly run on the platform it was designed for.

Game Balance Testing

We’ll help you increase fun and interaction in the meta game by verifying your strategies have equal chances of success, every given option is meaningful, while skill and luck are perfectly balanced.

Level Design Testing

We identify UX and mechanics issues, live ops KPIs problems, bugs, and level editor’s oversights. Be sure that your game level matches its target level difficulty and UX requirements.

Sound Design Testing

We catch audio bugs or mishaps to ensure all audio elements work as intended. Keep your players immersed and well-entertained with rich audio effects.

Game Animations Testing

Animations can make or break the game. We’ll check if your characters behave as anticipated, move believably, and the motion transition is smooth.

AI Behavior Testing

Want your NPCs to mimic human players? Invest in AI behavior testing to turn a computer-controlled character into a formidable opponent.

Game HUD Testing

Whether your game relies on static or dynamic HUDs, we’ll ensure the player status is displayed correctly. Reduce on-screen clutter to appeal to casual gamers.

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The QA team has been a great help for the release of our new offering, Unfold for Brands. The team has really put themselves in the place of the user to find any bugs or user experience issues, mitigating any potential issues at launch.
Alfonso Cobo
Alfonso Cobo, Head of Unfold at Squarespace
We've worked with QAwerk to handle the QA of our native desktop app. They've done a tremendous job and even went out of their way to ensure the quality of the app. We'll continue working with them in the future.
Julien Berthomier
Julien Berthomier, CEO & Co-Founder at Station

Why Us

The Best Quote

You can get the basic idea of our pricing using QAwerk’s quote calculator. Whether if you need detailed information, our consultants will provide you with comprehensive answers to all questions concerning your project and the types of testing that it requires.

Perfect Process

QAwerk has a transparent working process, and a well-established communication system developed over the years. Regardless of the time zone and geographical location of our client, we pick up the most appropriate working schedule and take into account your wishes.

Timely Results

We value our customers and their business. Therefore quality and timely results are the priority for us. We always comply with the deadlines and thoroughly analyze the project before giving you information about its delivery time. With us, you can be sure that you will get results on time and within budget.

Long-term Collaboration

Most of our clients work with us for years. We offer long-term partnerships by providing all types of testing services and support services on a permanent basis. QAwerk is one of the leading game testing companies you can trust and rely on in any case.

Test documentation

Examples of test cases and test plan written by our team.

AnimA ARPG Test Cases

Critical Ops Test Plan

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