COVID-19: QAwerk goes remote

Coronavirus pandemic made us all stop in the daily rush and look at things from a different angle. Social life rituals we’re all used to will no longer be in place, business traveling and meetings are prohibited, transportation connections are broken. Is there a bigger meaning for the humanity behind the spread of COVID-19 virus,

Remini - photo enhancer for Android: Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk

Bug Crawl is a quality assurance-centric project by QAwerk that is aimed at perfecting software applications on the most popular platforms and eliminating possible bugs. If you are an app-owner, request a Bug Crawl for your app or service and run a green checkbox mile with our experienced QA engineers.

Coronavirus: What it means for the IT

Coronavirus is spreading around the planet, and we at QAwerk are seriously concerned about the situation. We’re an software testing company located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and we decided to get to the bottom of the problem to identify ways to protect ourselves and our co-workers. Coronavirus in Our Country: Current Situation Against the backdrop

GDPR: Design Tools Compliance Comparison

Discussions about GDPR have not subsided to this day. What is it? Who’s in? What to do? We answered these and other questions in our previous post. Also, you can find a GDPR compliance checklist there to make sure your website or other online presence meets the not-so-new rules of personal data processing. QAwerk works

Bug Crawl: Easy and Fast Way to Perfect Your Product

Being experts in the IT industry, we know about the importance of testing and want to share this knowledge as we believe high-quality software is the key to success. Although it may seem obvious what to test in a product, a bug may pop up out of nowhere later. As a software testing company with

Agile Testing: Guide for Developers and Testers

If you are a developer or a tester, the word agile is nothing new to you. But if you are new in it and wonder what agile testing is and what it means in practice, you won’t have any questions left after reading this article. What is Agile Testing? Agile testing is an inseparable part