Welcome to Bug Parade: The Biggest Fails in Software Testing

Bugs, flaws, glitches – not the most pleasant words and a real disaster for software developers. These small (or sometimes big) pests can completely ruin even the most powerful code and make products vanish out of the market. But there’s a department that can sort things out and quickly detect issues as well as resolve

Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk:
InnerHour for Android

Whenever you think you can’t take anymore, InnerHour is going to be your guide on the way to happiness. It creates a plan of simple tasks and relaxing activities for you after a quick assessment, and moves you to a less stressful life step-by-step. And the one thing that stresses QA engineers out is bugs.

Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk:
F1 TV for iOS

Are you a fan of fast and dangerous sports? Then F1 TV is for you! It gets you closer to the F1 action covering live, classic, archived races along with documentaries and team radios. Whatever you want to know about F1 races is in this app. What could go wrong? Yes, you’ve probably guessed right,

Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk:
Runtastic Balance for Android

Every now and then we decide to make something in our lives better. You can start making positive changes to your eating culture right now with Runtastic Balance. But there’s no rainbow without rain. So before you download this app, check out our Bug Report to see what bugs can await you there.

Family Organizer by Picniic for iOS.
Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk

Picniic is an assistant to the whole family, providing the ways to be more productive, organized and connected than you can imagine. It has useful features like shared family calendar, shopping, to-do, and grocery list, family locator, meal planner, and many more. But even the most useful features in an app can be overshadowed by