Tech Talk with Jon Pass, COO of Magic Mountain

We’re thrilled to launch a new blog format – tech talks with remarkable IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders across industries who also happen to be QAwerk clients. In this interview, Jonathan Pass, COO of Magic Mountain, will look back on the journey the Magic Mountain team...

Bugs‌ ‌found‌ ‌in‌ Moonstake Wallet for Android

Bug Crawl is a quality assurance-centric project by QAwerk that is aimed at perfecting software applications on the most popular platforms and eliminating possible bugs. If you are an app-owner, request a Bug Crawl for your app or service and run a green checkbox mile with our experienced QA engineers.

QAwerk Clients Stand With Ukraine

There’s hardly any person who hasn’t heard about Russia invading Ukraine on February 24th. As a Ukraine-based company, we are directly affected, and we can’t stay silent. The lives of millions of people have been turned upside down; thousands of peaceful Ukrainians have lost their homes,...

What is Remote File Inclusion (RFI)?

August 6, 1991. Does the date ring any bells? No, it wasn’t the collapse of the Soviet Union (though you’re close). It was on that otherwise unremarkable summer day that Tim Berners-Lee launched the very first web page. More than thirty years have passed since then, and websites have come a...

What is Local File Inclusion (LFI)?

Modern web applications are nothing like what they used to be. The practically limitless bandwidth and indefinite storage space that cloud computing offers. The microservices that run circles around monolith architecture, breaking down layered apps into small independent components. The single-page...

Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing

Both alpha and beta testing are forms of user acceptance testing, allowing to build confidence before the product launch. Both of them help collect actionable feedback and increase product usability. However, despite more or less similar basic goals, alpha and beta tests are carried out in...

Complete Website Testing Checklist

Any software development life cycle should involve a testing phase — otherwise, the product already delivered to end users may be full of defects, which will result in a large number of negative reviews, lost customers, and dropoffs. Apparently, websites and web apps aren`t an exception. To...

Top QA Events in 2022: Quarter 1 Ultimate Guide

Top QA Events in 2022The Ultimate Guide by QAwerkQuarter 1: January, February, March New year, new me! This aspiration has probably struck your mind at least once during the holiday season. And why not? Why not make a change in the coming year and challenge yourself to become a better professional...

Why is Penetration Testing Important?

Introduction Cybercrime today is a massive business. Predicted damages inflicted by it for the year 2021 are totaling 6 trillion USD globally (a quick reminder, a trillion is a million million – yes, that much). Putting things into perspective, in terms of earnings, cybercrime puts such...

How to Write Test Cases: QAwerk’s Comprehensive Guide

Right from the start, we are set to announce that there is no single all-purpose test case type. However, there is an easy-to-follow set of practices and solutions that, when implemented properly, will result in a good one. We’ve put together the test case writing best practices – read on...