QAwerk’s effort in the launch of Unfold for Brands

The story behind our cooperation with Unfold started about two years ago with QAwerk’s bug crawl report. What first seemed as a one-time deal grew into a long-lasting partnership that resulted in mutual success and a great exit: in fall 2019, Unfold was acquired by Squarespace, a leader among website building platforms that decided to

Bugs‌ ‌found‌ ‌in‌ ‌Pugo‌ ‌Eats‌ ‌for‌ ‌Android‌: ‌QAwerk‌ ‌Bug‌ ‌Crawl‌

Bug Crawl is a quality assurance-centric project by QAwerk that is aimed at perfecting software applications on the most popular platforms and eliminating possible bugs. If you are an app-owner, request a Bug Crawl for your app or service and run a green checkbox mile with our experienced QA engineers.

The Crucial Importance of QA in Software Development in 2020

High quality. These are the ultimate “holy grail” words in any business niche, project life-cycle, service implementation, etc. It’s easy to save on a “small” thing or two – the long-standing results of such “cost-effectiveness”, however, are truly nasty in 9 out of 10 cases. This is an especially relevant state of things during the

QAwerk’s Effort in Making Unfold Squarespace’s Choice

QAwerk is an international QA and software testing agency that focuses on making your software smooth and flawless. Namely, we thoroughly test desktop, mobile, and web solutions, design documentation and compose tech references, as well as provide dedicated teams of testers. It’s always neat to add a good, in-demand software project to an agency’s portfolio.

COVID-19: QAwerk goes remote

Coronavirus pandemic made us all stop in the daily rush and look at things from a different angle. Social life rituals we’re all used to will no longer be in place, business traveling and meetings are prohibited, transportation connections are broken. Is there a bigger meaning for the humanity behind the spread of COVID-19 virus,

Coronavirus: What it means for the IT

Coronavirus is spreading around the planet, and we at QAwerk are seriously concerned about the situation. We’re an software testing company located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and we decided to get to the bottom of the problem to identify ways to protect ourselves and our co-workers. Coronavirus in Our Country: Current Situation Against the backdrop