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Quality desktop applications testing in California to achieve top performance and user experience

QAwerk is a leading testing company that specializes in desktop application testing. Our team has extensive experience in both manual and automation testing. We can help ensure that your Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or cross-platform application is secure, stable, and compatible with all necessary systems.
With our expertise, you can be confident that your desktop app will perform optimally and meet the expectations of your users.

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Make sure your desktop app meets the user requirements.

Desktop applications are utilized for a wide array of purposes, including graphics-intensive solutions, CRM and ERP systems, industrial automation systems, financial and medical apps, SaaS and PaaS solutions, and more. It is crucial for businesses to recognize the significance of such systems and make desktop application testing an integral part of their app development or maintenance. To ensure a successful testing process, companies often outsource it to professional software application testing firms. These firms help achieve perfect usability, check app compatibility, eliminate security issues, get rid of bugs and defects, and test app performance, ultimately ensuring a high-quality product for end-users.
Desktop Application Testing Services

Why Desktop App Testing in California

Windows Application Testing

At QAwerk, we have a specialized focus on desktop app testing, and we have a wealth of experience in both manual and automation testing of Windows applications. Our rigorous testing process ensures the stability, security, and compatibility of your software across different versions of Windows. We utilize various Windows automation tools to ensure that your desktop applications meet the highest standards for performance and functionality. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can be confident that your Windows applications will perform optimally and meet the needs of your users.

OS X Application Testing

To ensure the success of your Mac OS app, it is crucial to invest time and effort in perfecting it. At QAwerk, our team of skilled QA engineers possesses the expertise to conduct thorough testing of your Mac OS application to guarantee seamless performance across the most popular Mac OS versions. With our assistance, your software will be of the highest quality and meet the needs of your users.

Testing for Unix-like Platforms

Testing desktop applications on UNIX-like platforms requires specialized skills and knowledge. Without prior experience with these platforms, it can be challenging to ensure that the software is usable and reliable. At QAwerk, we are eager to take on projects involving UNIX and are excited to learn more about it in order to provide effective testing services for your desktop application. Our team of experienced QA engineers is dedicated to ensuring that your software performs seamlessly on all platforms.

Case Studies from California

United States
Helped increase regression testing speed by 50% and ensure the platform runs 24/7
United States
Achieved app stability and speeded up software releases by 20% with overnight testing and automation

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Types of Testing We Provide

Manual Testing

Automated Testing

Exploratory Testing

Integration Testing

Acceptance Testing

System Testing

Performance Testing

Regression Testing

Reliability Testing

Stress Testing

Load Testing

Unit Testing

I feel like our QA was so bad, but we definitely improved it with QAwerk, and looking forward to some new improvement with you.
Sinéad Ryan, Head of Global Services at Evolv Technologies
There's a real commitment to get the task done in a timeframe that is expected. The quality of the work is very high. I would certainly recommend working with QAwerk's team.
Robert Severn, VP of Engineering at Evolv Technologies
The collaboration between QAwerk and our developers has been very successful. They exhibit a sincere investment in the client's application and often suggest innovations to improve the platform. Our CEO called them “the best vendor he’s ever worked with” and I got major brownie points for their selection. High fives all around.
Everett Berry
Everett Berry, Head of Operations at Arctype

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