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Arctype is an SQL client and database management tool for individual developers, students, and enterprise teams. It makes querying databases more efficient, visualizes data with charts, and offers collaboration features with granular permissions for better security.

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Overnight Testing

QAwerk uses the difference in time zones with North America, Australia, and New Zealand to speed software releases by 20%. We thoroughly test your software when it’s nighttime in your country and business hours here in Ukraine.

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QA Manual Testing

We help Arctype developers use their time efficiently by taking over all the software testing routines. We write new test cases, maintain documentation, and perform different types of testing, catching bugs before they reach end-users.

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As a successfully growing startup, Arctype felt the need to strengthen their development team with experienced QA engineers. They needed someone to follow the best practices and draw on their expertise to create new test cases. This way, developers won’t waste their time on software testing and instead will channel their energy toward feature development and bug fixing.

Arctype turned to QAwerk to help them ensure multiple monthly releases go smoothly and with the needed speed. We were expected to run test cases the same day the release was put out. Thanks to the difference in our time zones and overnight testing, it was possible that when Arctype developers log off, it’s daytime here in Ukraine and our QA engineers begin testing. The next day, Arctype developers have all bugs already logged in Jira to start bug fixing first thing in the morning.

Another milestone is to retain 10-20% consumers who churn because of bugs by significantly increasing the software quality and preventing critical issues from appearing in prod.


Our QAwerk team is primarily engaged in testing the Arctype desktop app for macOS. At the same time, if we see that the new version works incorrectly, we also test the web client and go through the most critical test cases on Windows.

Here are the types of testing we regularly perform to achieve the desired quality:

  • Functional Testing – the groundwork we lay to ensure users encounter no obstacles with the app’s functionality.
  • Integration Testing – essential to guarantee the SQL client has no integration issues with databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Yugabyte, and PlanetScale.
  • Regression Testing – a must-have for startups like Arctype that continuously work on releasing new features. We do regression consistently to check if updates affect the existing functionality.
  • Automation Testing – we combine manual testing with QA automated testing to speed up the releases. We’ve automated registration and login test cases and are looking into other areas that have automation potential.
  • Installation Testing – a basic type of testing, yet also important. We ensure Arctype users can download, install, and update the app without technical errors.
  • Smoke Testing – before going through an extensive list of test cases, we need to ensure the build is stable to avoid wasting time. We quickly check critical features to see if there are any showstoppers and if we can proceed.

We started with 50 test cases Arctype suggested and expanded them to over 200. Those include sad and happy paths as well as test cases with different database types and details. We test new builds weekly and add test cases together as we go.

Our QA engineers are deeply involved in creating new test cases and making them as detailed as possible. The amount of time needed for a test run of a new build only takes 8-9 hours, considering the complexity and variety of features.

Bugs Found

Bugs related to data loss and application blocking should be under closer control – as they can lead to customer loss.

Actual result: The app is blocked. The user sees the error “There was an error loading this component. We’ve been notified of the error and will fix it as soon as possible.”

Expected result: The user is able to connect.

Actual result: The user sees an empty screen.

Expected result: Connection is deleted successfully, chosen data source in left sidebar should be closed.

Actual result: When the user makes a search on the second page, he needs to go back to the first page to view results.

Expected result: When the user searches for a number, only the rows containing the requested number are shown.


We are proud to know Arctype recognized our commitment to their success by steadily increasing our workload and delegating us more and more functions. What used to be 5 test runs per month is now performed by the QAwerk team weekly. We’ve significantly expanded the number of test cases, removed outdated ones, and detailed the existing ones.

Having witnessed how thorough we are with manual testing, Arctype also entrusted us with test automation. With our support, Arctype has gained confidence and stability in software releases, delivering new capabilities faster and more frequently.


In Press

This product is new, free to use, and has a community on Discord, to help. This is a nice way to get the power of SQL databases with a user-friendly interface.

Tech blog on distributed databases, open source, and cloud native.

Arctype features a fast, modern interface with many keyboard shortcuts, a command bar to quickly find objects, and the best support for JSON in a SQL client. It’s also free to use.

PlanetScale database management blog.
The collaboration between QAwerk and our developers has been very successful. They exhibit a sincere investment in the client's application and often suggest innovations to improve the platform. Our CEO called them “the best vendor he’s ever worked with” and I got major brownie points for their selection. High fives all around.
Everett Berry
Everett Berry, Head of Operations at Arctype

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Google DocGoogle Doc
200+test cases written
8hrs to test new build
5test runs per week
7testing types
20%faster releases

QAwerk Team Comments


QA engineer

Arctype is a desktop app that will turn any database-related tasks into a straightforward and convenient process. I’m mostly engaged in conducting regular regression tests, scrutinizing new functionality, and documenting all steps as we move forward.

In-depth test case descriptions and consistent checks have allowed us to achieve improved product quality. Arctype’s product is simple in use, yet offers a broad variety of features – exactly what keeps me interested and motivated while testing.


QA engineer

As a QA team, we perform regression test runs several times a week. We also conduct new feature testing. I’ve developed a genuine interest in the project thanks to abundant growth opportunities and highly supportive folks who are always ready to answer my questions. I’d also like to recognize the app’s high data load speed and overall performance.


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