Top QA events in 2023: Quarter 3 Ultimate Guide

Top QA Events in 2023
The Ultimate Guide by QAwerk
Quarter 3: July, August, September

Participating in global tech conferences enables you to forge relationships with influential figures, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and professional growth. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers – seize the chance to delve into the cutting-edge innovations, technology hacks, and emerging trends that will shape the future.

We are thrilled to present you with an exclusive lineup of upcoming QA events that have been carefully tailored to equip you with invaluable knowledge and propel your career to new heights. Get ready to explore, connect, and stay ahead of the game at these extraordinary events. So, without further ado, let’s kick-start this exciting journey!

AI in QA and Testing Conf'23, July 11, virtual

AI in QA and Testing Conf’23 is a major tech event, attracting over 2000 participants, brought together by Geekle, a renowned event organizer in different domains. The Geekle community unites speakers from leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Facebook, NASA, Adobe, eBay, and more.

The primary objective of this summit is to delve deep into the intricacies of AI in testing. The agenda encompasses various subjects such as testing AI systems, leveraging AI to enhance continuous integration and delivery, identifying biases in AI-powered testing, and automating tests with the power of AI.

Expert speakers will share valuable insights on how to incorporate AI within existing testing processes and fully harness this revolutionary technology, how to immediately start to benefit from AI, and how automation enables testing currently untestable workflows.

Prepare to leave the conference with a wealth of knowledge on cutting-edge AI-driven testing instruments, methodologies, and optimal practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the future of AI in software testing, the unique QA challenges in AI, key considerations in building and evaluating safety-critical models for automotive AI, as well as the capabilities and benefits of using ChatGPT for mobile test automation.


  • From $119, no recordings access
  • From $149, full access

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Cyber Security for Critical Assets World Summit, July 11, virtual

CS4CA World is a unique, large-scale virtual event designed to connect the critical asset community worldwide. As a 24-hour global event, it will start with speakers from the APAC region, followed by MEA, Europe, LatAm, and concluding in North America.

The summit offers dedicated sessions that enable delegates to focus on their specific areas of interest. It covers topics such as the advantages of deception versus other anomaly detection, the role of artificial intelligence-based cyber security in the context of industry 4.0, potential vulnerabilities in operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems, and the design process for an OT system.

How to keep up with the push towards greater OT security management programs? How can cyber security automation be best used in your organization? What’s the role of a risk-based methodology in identifying and remediating threats? How can organizations balance security and productivity while securing critical infrastructure? What’s included in a 360-degree risk view of an asset? How can we best implement internal policies, procedures and responsibilities to tackle an increasing threat landscape? These and many other topics will be discussed at the conference.

The agenda has been carefully curated by industry-leading experts to provide latest insights in the realm of cyber security. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and energized, as you gain new ideas to implement within your organization during this innovative virtual event.


  • From $199, access-all-areas virtual conference pass

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Testμ, August 22-24, virtual

Testμ Conference 2023 is a 3-day free online testing conference that brings together professionals from the testing community, including software testers, quality assurance professionals, test automation engineers, and others. It will cover a wide range of topics related to mobile testing, automation, API testing, visual regression testing, cross-browser testing, and more in multiple sessions.

Testμ aims to bring together over 10,000 testers and developers to share ideas, learn from each other, and evolve in all aspects of software quality and testing. The speakers will deliver presentations on the following topics: the role of lambdas in testing, the implicit and explicit challenges facing modern software delivery, the importance of having a trusted and adversarial CI/CD pipeline, the new automation protocol standard, the unique quality challenges in AI, and the benefits of leveraging synthetic canary to enhance testing efforts.

The audience will get an idea of how to test React MFEs with modern tools like Cypress, how to blend in code coverage metrics combined from RTL and Cypress to get some SLOs injected in the pipeline, and how Selenide Appium can reduce script development time. By the end of the conference, attendees will be equipped with new knowledge regarding frontend and backend performance testing.


  • Free

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SoCraTes 2023, August 24-27, Soltau, Germany, offline

SoCraTes is a non-profit and community-driven conference centered around the principles of Software Craft and Testing.

The conference kicks off with a Training Day on Thursday, providing an excellent opportunity to establish connections and foster seamless integration into the community. Check-in for the Open Space is expected to open at 4pm on Thursday, and participants will receive regular updates via Slack. Friday and Saturday are dedicated entirely to Open Space, where participants can engage in discussions and hands-on activities. On Sunday, the focus shifts to workshops, allowing attendees to delve deeper into specific topics.

The Open Space is at the core of SoCraTes. Each day starts with creating the agenda together. Everyone gathers in one room. Anybody may grab a sticky note and write a topic they would like to host a session about. Topics are then briefly presented and assigned to a time slot.

Session topics can be anything participants find worthwhile to discuss, need help with or just want to share. This can range from an open discussion, over one person wanting to learn about a certain topic, to full presentations, or hands-on activities. It really will be anything the group wants it to be.

The conference anticipates the participation of 200 motivated, intelligent, and friendly individuals. Each day will be filled with social activities, such as gatherings at a bar, playing board games, participating in morning runs or walks, and enjoying beach volleyball.

SoCraTes will be hosted at Hotel Park Soltau, conveniently located approximately one hour away from Hamburg.


  • Pricing will be determined closer to the conference based on participant numbers and sponsorships.

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Testing United Conference, September 4-5, Bratislava, Slovakia, offline

Testing United is a premier testing conference that brings together testers, test managers, test leads, test consultants, and IT employees of all levels.

During the event, keynote speakers will share their personal principles of testing, tips on how to move to structured testing, how to streamline test automation, how to become quality champions, and offer advice to managers on how to be an approachable person. Practical examples, inspiring solutions, and innovative ideas will be presented, providing attendees with actionable strategies to implement in their own business contexts.

Equipped with hands-on experience in current topics, international speakers will outline specific design patterns for test automation, such as Screenplay and Object Mother Pattern, contract testing, digital twin testing in the physical world (MBT/IBT), digital personas, experiences and interactions (i.e. Polygamification), and the secrets of

Conference experts will deliver first class “instructions” on how to continually upgrade and verify systems with ArgoCD, Tekton, Prometheus, and Grafana, how playing games with the Agile Testing Coaching Cards and Agile Quality Coaching Cards help to explore current testing and quality practices, how to build quality culture from scratch across the organization, and how to leverage lean testing tools to shift left.

The event’s venue is Vodárenské múzeum, located on Devínska cesta.


  • From €879 + VAT (around $965)
  • Group discounts start from 5+ team members

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Devops Talks Conference, September 6-7, Singapore, offline

The DevOps Talks Conference (DOTC) spans two days, serving as a gathering point for DevOps leaders, engineers, and architects who are actively implementing DevOps principles and methodologies in start-ups and prominent companies.

Industry experts will drop some serious knowledge bombs on how to securely deploy microservices from deep shift left to a running environment in k8s, how to create digital twins, how to define meaningful SLOs (service-level objectives) and SLIs (service-level indicators), how to turbocharge Java-based applications, and share approaches to reduce MTTR, remove manual toil, and create better business outcomes.

The speakers will dive into some of the findings of the 2022 DORA research program, and also reveal best practices in deploying on-demand, restoring services in minutes and lowering their change failure rate. DOTC will include a hands-on workshop where the speakers will guide participants on implementing Snyk Code and Snyk Open Source at an early stage. This will enable attendees to efficiently identify and address security concerns in their proprietary code, as well as known vulnerabilities in their application’s open source dependencies.

The venue for the event is Marina Bay Sands Singapore, a famous integrated resort that offers luxurious accommodations, high-end shops, and an infinity pool with beautiful panoramic views of the city.


  • From $499, 2-day conference pass

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Hands On Testing, September 6-9, Guadalajara, Mexico, hybrid

The Hands On Testing conference is the ideal place to learn new techniques and stay updated on various testing-related topics, including quality in product delivery, test automation, cloud product testing, mobile/IoT/embedded testing, agile culture, and testing strategies.

During the conference, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in discussions and share your doubts and experiences with both the speakers and the community. Attendees can participate, show their super powers, and even compete for prizes and scholarships to enhance their skills. And guess what? There will be exciting job opportunities available for those seeking freelance work or permanent contracts!

The program features an array of presentations, including «Shifting left: performance testing using K6 by GrafanaLabs», «Harness the power of debugging!», «Using a martial art to do tests», «Security testing», «End-to-end, component and API testing with Cypress», «The perfect unit test», «Warehouse automation testing», «How manual and automation QA complement each other», «Enhancing testing for automated data engineering pipelines in Azure data factory», and «Success story, from analyst to tester, change career after 30s».

For Spanish-speaking delegates, there will be sessions conducted in their native language. The topics covered in these talks include “Advanced E2E testing with Playwright”, “How to use chatGPT to optimize our testing process”, “Let’s talk about Context Driven”, “Evolve your Selenium scripts into performance scripts”, “ChatGPT… A threat or a benefit to software test automation?”, “Continuous testing integration of JS projects with Jenkins”, “Risks in agile projects”, and “Automate your first tests with node.js and testcafe”.

This year, the focus of the conference is on smart testing topics. The event will take place online from September 6-8 and offline at Hard Rock Hotel, Guadalajara on September 9, 2023.


  • Free, 3-day virtual pass
  • From $20, onsite ticket

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Copenhagen CyberCrime Conference, September 12-13, Copenhagen, Denmark, hybrid

Copenhagen CyberCrime is a 2-day conference filled with thought leadership presentations, a lively discussion with an expert panel, and plenty of networking opportunities. The event will be hosted at DI – Industriens Hus.

For those unable to attend in person, a virtual event on September 12 offers an opportunity to participate remotely. The talks will focus on the complexities of ransomware threats and practical approaches to respond to them, as well as guidelines and best practices for effective information sharing. Certified instructors will shed some light on strategies and little tricks that make sure that you’ll be able to create an environment that supports a fast resolution of major breaches in your network.

Do you really understand AI in cybersecurity? What can the hackers actually do with your computers? How Identity Security supports Cybersecurity collaboration? What does good look like in cyber? These thought-provoking inquiries will be addressed at the conference.

The speakers will examine the latest attack against Ukraine’s power grid using Industroyer2 and outline how they worked with CERT-UA to thwart the attack. They will also discuss what threats and evolving challenges we need to worry about. The sessions will guide you through real life examples of incident response in hybrid infrastructures and show how cloud vendors have helped organizations recover through close collaboration.


  • From DKK 680 + VAT, online ticket (around $100)
  • From DKK 1365 + VAT, onsite ticket (around $200)

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Secure Our Streets Conference, September 14, virtual

The Secure Our Streets (SOS) Conference is dedicated to promoting security and safety in automotive products.

In its highly anticipated 2023 edition, the SOS Conference will shine a spotlight on automotive cybersecurity, providing a dynamic platform for in-depth discussions on cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and industry best practices.

As passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and other modes of transportation continue to rapidly evolve into highly advanced computer systems and interconnected networks, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes increasingly crucial. At the SOS Conference, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore both existing and emerging cybersecurity challenges, as well as discover potential solutions.

SOS firmly believes in the power of information sharing, as it empowers the public, researchers, engineers, and management personnel to make informed decisions regarding the security of automotive products. By bringing together esteemed companies and experienced leaders in the field, the conference fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge and expertise can be exchanged.

SOS welcomes participants from all backgrounds and is accessible to everyone at no cost. All you need to participate is a laptop and a stable internet connection. The conference platform itself offers a user-friendly interface that supports interactive question-and-answer sessions, ensuring an engaging experience for all attendees.


  • Free

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SEETEST, September 19-20, Bucharest, Romania, hybrid

South East European Software Testing is a comprehensive four-track conference focusing on software testing and software quality management. With over 700 IT professionals in attendance, the conference offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry experts and gain insights from their extensive experience and know-how.

The event kicks off on September 19 with eight half-day tutorials conducted by renowned speakers from around the world. These tutorials and sessions cover a wide range of topics, including agile testing, mobile testing, test automation, security testing, AI, test management, cloud testing, and more.

Continuing on September 20, attendees can look forward to two inspiring keynote presentations, 20 informative session presentations, and four industrial slots, providing companies with an excellent platform to showcase their brands. The sessions will cover various subjects, such as the new coding paradigm for privacy and security, testing and monitoring with AWS Canaries, the new ISTQB syllabus, leveraging ChatGPT for enhanced test case creation and business engagement in software testing, risk-focused test management in practice, testing digital twins, and strategies for successful project execution.

The conference will conclude with a social event held at InterContinental Athénée Palace Bucharest, a prestigious luxury hotel located in the heart of the city. This provides the perfect opportunity to unwind, network, and engage in a relaxed atmosphere. The main event will take place at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, conveniently located just a 30-minute drive from Henri Coandă International Airport and within walking distance of the historic Old Town.


  • From €111, remote full ticket (around $122)
  • From €344, hybrid full ticket (around $380)

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Nordic Cyber Security Summit, September 20-21, Copenhagen, Denmark, offline

In its 5th edition, the Nordic Cyber Summit will explore the latest trends in Nordic cyber security, equip attendees with strategies to protect against the constantly evolving threat landscape, and provide a clear understanding of what security means in real terms for the region.

The Nordic Cyber Summit unites senior experts from the cyber security field in the region. These esteemed figures bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise to the summit, fostering a dynamic exchange of information and ideas.

Expect to walk away with a wealth of information on the latest cyber threat trends and news, the DoS threat landscape, best practices and procedures to investigate cyberattacks, the challenges compliance brings and how to overcome them, as well as recent cloud data breaches and how they could have been prevented. Learn how to simplify security and compliance in the cloud while ensuring the protection of sensitive data, and what kind of information sharing is vital for collective security.

Join the speakers to explore cutting edge strategies for building the optimal cloud defense for your organization’s unique cloud environment and identities. Discover what to consider when organizing your incident response and identify areas for improvement.

Experience the beauty of Denmark’s most exquisite and unique congress hall as the event unfolds at the deluxe Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center.


  • From €749, event access (around $820)

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TestBash, September 20-21, Liverpool, UK, offline

TestBash UK is a huge in-person software testing conference packed with talks, 99-minute workshops, activity stands, challenges, ask me anything sessions, games, and multiple opportunities to gain knowledge and establish connections with fellow community members.
The attendees can access a feature-rich conference guide through the TestBash UK 2023 app. This handy tool includes a variety of features such as the conference schedule, session details, profiles of speakers and hosts, and venue maps. The conference presentations will be recorded and offered for on-demand viewing to Pro Members and attendees.
During the conference, you’ll see how relying on data can help mitigate huge risks and why relying completely on data is risky too. The speakers will share practical advice for anyone looking to create a test automation framework from scratch. Plus, they will go over tips on making tests stable, fast, and reliable.
Experts will describe what proper mentorship looks like for software testing professionals and how it can guide persons into the QA space. They will teach you how to create accessibility personas and how to embed client-side performance testing into your iteration plan. Here, you’ll gain knowledge on how to concretely build a Quality Strategy using the Swiss Cheese Model, how to identify bottlenecks to speed and quality using the Theory of Constraints, and how to break down e2e tests into more efficient low level tests.
In 2023, TestBash UK will take place in Liverpool at the Titanic Hotel building: the Rum Warehouse, the West Bay and the Mezzanine.


  • From £899, 2-day conference pass (around $1145)
  • Group discounts start from 5+ team members

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Stand With Ukraine

Given the current circumstances, organizing international tech events within Ukraine is not a viable option due to the evident safety concerns. However, Ukrainians don’t let adversity hinder their progress. Instead, they channel their energy into refining delivery workflows and ensuring seamless service continuity.

QAwerk has made the well-being and safety of its colleagues a top priority, ensuring they are in secure places with optimal working conditions. We not only empower our team but also contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of our country.

By employing rigorous testing methodologies, we enable our clients to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiency in their software products. Together, we make their software stand out in a competitive landscape.

Stand with Ukraine by working with Ukraine! We are a dedicated QA partner who is committed to your project’s success. Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll ensure your software is flawless!

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