Top QA events in 2024: Quarter 2 Ultimate Guide

Top QA Events in 2024
The Ultimate Guide by QAwerk
Quarter 2: April, May, June

QAwerk is keeping the tradition alive with our latest rundown of biggest tech events. Whether you’re a seasoned tester, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or just dipping your toes into the industry waters, there’s something here for you. We’ve handpicked some of the hottest QA events, both in-person and virtual, to kickstart your learning plan for the upcoming quarter.

Attending testing conferences isn’t just about acquiring new knowledge. It opens the door to a plethora of enriching experiences. From networking with like-minded individuals and exchanging insights to drawing inspiration from peers and forging valuable connections in your field – it’s more than just an educational stint. Intrigued? Let’s jump right into the details!

CI/CDay, April 11, Paris, France, offline

CI/CDay is the first European CI/CD event dedicated to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, covering various aspects of DevOps, DevSecOps, testing, automation, and more.

The primary goal of CI/CDay is to unite the European CI/CD community, fostering its growth and advancement. Held in a unique venue in Paris for a single day, the conference gathers over 80 senior developers specializing in CI/CD to share ideas, explore proven methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies in the field.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with experts from industry giants like Red Hat, Amazon Web Services, and Axolo. Speakers will deliver insightful talks on advanced CI practices, enhancing developer efficiency, and establishing CI/CD as a robust automated quality assurance system.

A single ticket grants access to the conference sessions, exhibition area, as well as breakfast, lunch, coffee, and cocktails throughout the day. CI/CDay will be hosted at Espace Batignolles, Paris 17.


  • From €75, full access

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QonfX, April 20, virtual

QonfX is a completely free online QA conference for individuals passionate about testing. This event caters to a diverse audience, including test engineers, developers, test leads, founders, test directors, test architects, CTOs, CEOs, and computer science IT students.

Looking back at the 2023 edition, over 1200 testers registered for QonfX. The topics covered encompassed testing with generative AI, 5G, Azure, test automation with ChatGPT, and more.

This year, the conference will feature 10 global speakers who will delve into subjects such as Web 3.0, Metaverse, AI/ML, 5G, and beyond. Attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn from these sessions but also engage in contests, networking activities, and games.

Additionally, a live Q&A channel will be available for participants to have their questions addressed by the speakers following each session.

The duration of the software testing event is estimated to be around 7-8 hours, accommodating multiple time zones. Event recordings will be shared approximately 3-4 weeks after the conclusion of the event.


  • Free

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Software Quality Days, April 23-25, Vienna, Austria, hybrid

Software Quality Days is Europe’s premier software testing conference, tailored for quality managers, testers, product managers, development managers, project managers, support managers, developers, architects, and designers.

Attendees can expect to gain insights into practical implementation and the benefits of using a shared language for collaborative modeling across various industry contexts. They’ll also explore how AI can revolutionize data generation processes to enhance software quality, as well as strategies for maintaining reliable and high-performing Continuous Integration in community-driven projects.

Questions like “How can we deliver faster without compromising quality?” or “How can we efficiently scale, build and test execution in large organizations?” will find well-supported answers during the sessions.

In addition to top-notch keynotes, attendees can participate in a wide range of specialist lectures, explore the specialist exhibition, and attend tutorials. There will be ample opportunities for professional training, idea exchange, and networking.

The event takes place at the Austria Center Vienna, conveniently located just 7 minutes from the city center amidst modern architecture.


  • From €99 + VAT, online PreConference (around $110)
  • From €1690 + VAT, conference pass (around $1835)

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STAREAST, April 28 - May 3, Orlando, FL, USA, hybrid

STAREAST is a leading software testing conference designed exclusively for developers, testers, quality engineers, and software managers. Attendees can expect to connect with top industry experts and gain exclusive insights that will amplify their QA skills and accelerate their professional ascent.

The conference program features over 75 talks, pre-conference training classes, keynotes, half- or full-day tutorials, and dynamic sessions covering topics such as test leadership, AI/ML, cloud/DevOps, test strategy, test automation, agile testing, mobile testing, and more.

Speakers will delve into the future of AI-driven testing, effective test coverage metrics, API testing automation in CI/CD pipelines, and the importance of knowledge sharing between testers and developers.

Apart from learning sessions, there will be a variety of additional activities during the week – morning yoga, Testing & Quality Leadership Summit, Women Who Test, and the genius testing bar.

For in-person attendees the venue is Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, or you can join STAREAST Virtual directly from your device and watch the sessions online. Plus, all attendees will have 6-month access to virtual content post-event.


  • From $2245, 2-day pass

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National Software Testing Conference, May 7-8, London, UK, offline

The National Software Testing Conference is a UK-based event supported by the industry leading journal TEST Magazine. The conference gathers together QA engineers, CTOs, product managers, test leads, software developers, QA directors, and other IT professionals.

During the event, attendees get to listen to presentations and insights from companies like Meta, Virgin Media, GoDaddy, Admiral Group, Osborne Clarke, Visa, Dunelm Deutsche Bank, and NatWest.

The conference agenda covers topics such as building a successful quality culture and community, devising effective QA strategies, and leadership in the field. Attendees will explore the forefront of testing in Virtual Reality, the influence of AI on QA, and the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools for test automation.

To mark its 10th year, organizers are introducing the first Great Big Testing Quiz, promising an evening of networking, fun, prizes, good food, and drinks. The 2024 edition will be hosted at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s West End.


  • From £499 + VAT, 1-day conference pass (around $635)

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QA Global Summit, May 21-22, virtual

QA Global Summit is a huge annual meeting that attracts over 5000 testers, QA engineers, test developers, and software development engineers across various domains. It’s one of the best online QA conferences 2024, organized by Geekle, a leading event organizer in various IT domains.

If you’ve thought about starting a career in QA, here you’ll acquire basic knowledge in software testing and also learn how to effectively utilize various testing tools, techniques, and methods.

The juniors will learn how to use model-based testing to generate appropriate tests in-sprint, explore the functionalities of Postman for API testing, distinguish Playwright from other tools and frameworks, incorporate computer vision models for creating more robust tests without reliance on selectors, and cultivate successful testing teams in diverse business environments.

The seniors will explore methods for training new QA team members and maintaining team engagement, delve into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), select optimal programming languages for web UI test automation, and generate API tests using OpenAPI Tools and Rest-Assured.


  • Free, junior level track
  • From $59, full access

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Test Automation Days, May 29-30, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hybrid

Test Automation Days is a two-day test automation conference, featuring a rich lineup of talks, workshops, and hands-on experiences. The event is designed for a diverse range of IT professionals, including CTOs, CIOs, developers, analysts, QA engineers, test coordinators, test managers, and project managers.

Workshops will equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to effectively work on Cypress projects, set up Serenity-BDD for their projects, and configure WebDriverIO with Selenium Grid 4. These interactive sessions provide a great opportunity for hands-on learning.

The second day of the conference features transformative talks and presentations delivered by leading test automation experts. Attendees will explore different layers of automated tests to cover crucial aspects of microservices, learn effective testing through deliberate actions, and discover techniques in Appium for robust hybrid app testing.

Speakers will demonstrate how to automate tests from manual tests, obtain reusable test data to accelerate test automation, leverage ChatGPT to enhance existing test scripts, and foster team success through observability.

The event venue, De Doelen ICC Rotterdam, is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Central Station.


  • From €445 + VAT, 1-day conference pass (around $485)

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Nordic Testing Days, June 5-7, Tallinn, Estonia, offline

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference open to anyone interested in software development, testing, and quality. Whether you’re an experienced tester or new to the IT industry, you’re welcome to join.

The conference spans three days and offers inspiring tutorials and workshops where attendees can delve into specific topics hands-on. It also provides a platform for networking, connecting both employers and potential employees.

Here, participants will learn practical skills like setting up mobile test automation projects, creating web tests using tools like Playwright or Selenium, and ensuring application stability.

Speakers will cover topics such as testing complex applications with Selenium WebDriver, designing effective CI pipelines, mastering API testing concepts, crisis management strategies, and automation techniques using BrowsermobProxy and Mitmproxy.

The event will be more than just learning; it’ll be a fun tech party with beverages, entertainment, and full lunch and dinner buffets included in the conference fee. The venue, Kultuurikatel, is situated in Tallinn between the Old Town and the sea.


  • From €604, conference ticket (around $655)

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WeTest.Athens, June 7, Athens, Greece, offline

WeTest.Athens is a one-day event where testers, developers, and managers come together to learn, share experiences, and discuss the latest trends, tools, and techniques in software testing.

While the full conference agenda has yet to be announced, based on previous editions, attendees can expect discussions on testing AI-based systems, the Playwright testing framework, the capabilities of Cypress, modern load and performance testing practices, and shift-left QA approaches.

Last year’s edition covered topics such as the benefits of white-box testing, automating headless browsers for confident feature releases, writing full end-to-end tests for modern web applications, the impact of agile on testing, and concerns about the rise of AI versus persistent human errors.

Stay updated by checking the website for the release of the program. Secure your spot among the 600 available seats and gain insights from 20 leading speakers at the Athens Conservatoire Arts Centre.


  • From €186, regular ticket (around $205)

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EuroSTAR, June 11-14, Stockholm, Sweden, offline

EuroSTAR stands as Europe’s longest-running and largest conference, with a legacy dating back to 1993.

Each year, the conference attracts over 1000 software testers, QA engineers, CEOs, test managers, and other quality assurance experts from more than 50 countries. EuroSTAR promises a dynamic and enjoyable experience, brimming with fresh insights, engaging keynotes, tutorials, and talks tailored to both seasoned testers and newcomers alike.

The 2024 program boasts over 60 sessions curated by the brightest minds in testing. Topics span the spectrum, including test automation, team dynamics, software testing techniques, leadership, organizational health, accessibility testing, and much more.

During these sessions, you’ll learn how minor coding skills can enhance your testing capabilities, how to ace interviews, how to find more bugs in less time, and how to test LLM-based applications effectively. You will leave with insights into enhancing performance, building measurable testing frameworks, maintaining solid quality gates, and handling customer communications.

EuroSTAR isn’t just about learning; it’s also a platform for networking and collaboration. Attendees can mingle over coffee, participate in interactive tutorials, and forge new professional connections. The conference venue, Stockholmsmässan Convention Center, is conveniently located near a train station.


  • From €1790 + VAT, 2-day ticket (around $1945)

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QA or the Highway, June 21, Columbus, OH, USA, offline

QA or the Highway is a one-day conference focused on sharing practical experiences and expert insights in quality assurance for the software industry.

The conference offers a comprehensive program featuring 32 talks delivered by renowned speakers from around the globe. Keynotes include Andrew Knight, a Playwright Ambassador, and Ronald Cummings-John, Co-Founder of Global App Testing. The full list of topics and speakers will be unveiled on April 15th, so be sure to stay updated by visiting the event’s website.

Drawing from past editions, attendees can anticipate discussions on various topics such as “Automated Testing – DevOps Enabler,” “Incorporating QA Throughout the Agile Process,” “Enhancing Test Team Efficiency through Architectural Improvements,” “Exploring the Boundaries of Unit Testing and Strategies for Improvement,” “Unlocking the Potential of Pair Testing,” and “Evolution of Agile Testing Strategies Over Time.”

The event promises to be an engaging QA gathering with refreshments, entertainment, and a full breakfast and lunch buffet provided. Set in the heart of Ohio State’s campus at The Ohio Union, QA or the Highway offers an ideal setting for networking and learning.


  • From $99, conference pass

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Summing Up

If you’re a keen conference enthusiast, you’ve probably spotted the blue-and-yellow flag waving proudly at various testing conferences. That’s because Ukrainians are resilient people. Despite everything going on, many still manage to make it to QA conferences, leveling up their skills, pitching startup ideas, and forming new connections.

As a Ukraine-based company, we urge you not to turn your back on us. Don’t hesitate to consider IT vendors from Ukraine. Russia hopes to shatter our economy and crush our spirit with missile and drone strikes, but there’s no way we’ll surrender.

So, if you’re searching for a reliable QA partner with unwavering resilience and dedication, do reach out. QAwerk team would love to cooperate!

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