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Station is a desktop application that helps you keep all your web applications in one place and manage them easily. The app is designed to help busy people work faster, stay focused, and tailor their workflows to their personal needs.

Desktop App Testing

Using our expertise in desktop app testing, we helped Station discover critical and minor bugs during every test run. We thoroughly tested the app’s functionality on three platforms – Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu – to assure seamless user experience.

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Regression Testing

We performed full regression testing of the desktop app, which allowed Station to add all the needed integrations without compromising the existing functionality. We will keep your app fully operating while your core team works on developing new features and innovations.


Station is a handy desktop app designed for busy people: it allows users to unify all web apps within a single interface to manage them all. By creating just one personal account, Station users can access over 670 business and productivity apps like Gmail, Slack, or Dropbox.

Due to regular updates and fast functionality extensions, the app required regular quality assurance. Station started receiving complaints related to using third-party applications supported by their desktop app, so they came to QAwerk for assistance. Our task was to perform regression testing of the app on Windows and macOS desktop platforms and, later on, on Ubuntu.

Since the application had to be tested in a short time, within one-two days, it was a challenge for us to catch all bugs, especially when the number of test cases has skyrocketed with the addition of new app integrations. However, with every new test run, we proved that nothing is impossible for our experienced team, so we managed to cope with the assignments in time. We are proud that our client highly appreciated our efforts.


At the beginning of the project, Station assigned 22 test cases to our team. As the project progressed, our team also had to write new test cases and provide testing of each version of the application on all platforms.

Regression testing was performed to find and report errors that were affecting the existing features. When running test cases, we made sure that fixing some of the previously reported bugs did not cause others to occur and that every new build was stable. With all new test cases written by our team, the original 22 test cases grew to 541 test cases and counting.

Testing was performed on three desktop platforms in parallel: Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. We managed to complete the full regression testing within no more than two working days, even considering the numerous test cases we had to go through.

Bugs Found

Among the bugs we found, the most frequent were freezings and the inability to open or use the application.


Actual result: Skype app is freezing after sending an image, it’s not possible to use Skype until app reload.

Expected result: The message is successfully sent to the direct chat in the Skype app.

Actual result: A white screen is displayed after closing the detached Gmail window.

Expected result: Gmail interface is loaded correctly after the detached Gmail window is closed.


Using our hands-on experience in working on projects with tight deadlines, our QA engineers performed full regression testing within the set timeframe. We helped Station discover several critical bugs that required immediate attention as well as malfunctions of minor severity. We are proud to know that we contributed to enhancing the positive user experience of Station consumers. Since Station keeps working on improving its product, we work with them on an ongoing basis to preserve the app’s functionality regardless of the frequent updates.


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We've worked with QAwerk to handle the QA of our native desktop app. They've done a tremendous job and even went out of their way to ensure the quality of the app. We'll continue working with them in the future.
Julien Berthomier
Julien Berthomier, CEO & Co-Founder at Station

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Windows 10Windows 10
macOS High SierramacOS High Sierra
Ubuntu 18.04Ubuntu 18.04
6people in team
500+bugs reported
541+test cases run
30,000+consumers use this solution

QAwerk Team Comment


QA Engineer

What’s great about this project is that our team was not just looking for bugs and making reports. We have the opportunity to constantly interact with the client, discuss the discovered bugs, offer ideas for improvement, and, what’s even more important, receive feedback. This makes us fully involved in the project, which adds motivation and energy to our testing efforts.



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