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Augmented and virtual realities are sweeping the technology world in New York for good reason: they provide a way to elevate the user experience to a whole new level. While augmented reality adds digital content to real-world settings, virtual reality completely immerses the user in an artificial environment. Even the smallest bug can derail the most engaging AR or VR solution, so thorough testing is required to ensure no performance issues arise. Professional AR and VR testing services in New York are increasingly being used by businesses to ensure a smooth user journey and high consumer engagement.

Why VR or AR Testing in New York?

Check out how we put virtual and augmented reality apps through their paces:


  • The app provides an exceptional user experience.
  • On a given platform and device, the app runs smoothly.
  • As expected, all visuals and audio are rendered, sensitive information is protected, and data breaches are avoided.

See how we put virtual and augmented reality applications through their paces:


  • We can begin the QA process at any point during the software development cycle: the earlier, the better. Early software testing aids in the prevention of numerous costly errors.
  • We consider the environment: lighting, surrounding objects, and location all have an impact on the app’s performance. To ensure a holistic approach to software testing, we brainstorm and carefully go through all possible user flows.
  • We conduct extensive manual testing: AR and VR technologies necessitate primarily manual testing with a focus on seamless user experience, which we provide.
  • We provide detailed QA reports to our clients as well as our professional assessment of the app and product recommendations.

Selected AR & VR Testing Case Studies from New York

United States
Transformed a crashy storymaker into a billion-user content creation platform acquired by Squarespace
QAwerk’s efforts enabled internal developers to eliminate bugs and improve the app’s stability. Communicative and accommodating, the team proved capable of identifying technical errors.
Alfonso Cobo
Alfonso Cobo, CEO at Unfold

Tools and Technologies

Manual Testing
Automated Testing
Exploratory Testing
Integration Testing
Acceptance Testing
System Testing
Performance Testing
Regression Testing
Reliability TestingReliability Testing
Stress Testing
Load Testing
Unit Testing

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