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Who we are?

QAwerk is a software testing consultancy and qa outsourcing company providing high-class outsourced software testing services for top companies worldwide. Whether you need qualified software testing or QA services in Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, USA or any other country, we are ready to do our best to make your product shiny and bug-free. We have happy clients that ordered our software quality assurance and testing services in such big cities as London, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and in other high-tech centers in the world.

Looking for Flawless Soft?

Outsourced QA - How It Works With Us

When you have ready-made software and need to test it properly, outsourcing is a wise choice for several reasons. First, every QA team at any company has its own set of tools and techniques which are used for testing software. It’s important to cross these boundaries and take a different approach to reach the best results and deliver hi-end QA services. Second, when you outsource quality assurance, you release additional resources for your team that can be used to deal with other business questions.

If you are just not sure which techniques to use for your software testing projects, instead of outsourcing you can go for software QA outsource testing consultancy with QAwerk. Our skilled testers and smart business analysts will help you with the deal.

Big & Small

Our clients are already large businesses like MarketOne or Hosting.com. However, we are also looking forward to work with small-sized companies and startups that well on their way to success.

Off- & on-site work

We do not get stuck in one place. We are likely to work with you on-site, if needed, no matter where you are: in a USA skyscraper, at the beach in Australia or even in a pub of Ireland. We really do love to host guests. So be sure to visit one of our R&D offices if you happen to come to Ukraine.

Why us?

LiveMind + DeadLine

Respecting the clients, means – respecting their time. We do not have a watcher, cause we preach freedom. But we do have a system, that envisages timely product delivery. Feel free to unleash Your ideas within our tech environment.

Conveying the Best

We ensure a bulletproof software outsourced qa testing process that guarantees a bug-free products on time and budget-attractive basis. Being a system market party in years, we have developed proper work stamina principles.

US & EU Business Field

Having representational offices in Europe and the United States, we can arrange a meeting wherever it is comfy for you. So feel free to contact us if you need any outsourced software testing services.

Fast ramp-up

We realize that bug fixing is usually an urgent thing to do and that the absence of quality assurance can delay the deployment of a whole project. So, when we take your project, we make it our first priority and dedicate an optimal resource pool to accomplish it.

In Values We Trust

QAwerk has been successfully providing outsourcing quality assurance and software testing services since 2015. There are some key values that keep our team up and running. No matter if we work on an external project or a minor inner task:


Our team and clients are always fully aware of any processes related to the project. You will always get the required feedback.


We never waste any time idling or waiting. No lazy bones allowed. Forestalling workflow is our all.


We are able to gather a unique team for any case, depending on the complexity and specificity of a given project.


Time is the essence for our clients, so we make sure to deliver a project within the deadline.


We always double-check every single detected bug, so that it couldn’t get to the deploy stage.

Written Knowledge

QAwerk vault detailed records of any activities, so that any team member can complete another one’s job if any.

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