Free Bug Crawl Initiative

Did you know software bugs cost
the worldwide economy over
$1 trillion every year?

Don`t risk losing your customers and money to common yet critical bugs.

What is Bug Crawl?

Every week we choose 2 apps from the list and test them, creating thorough reports on any errors we find.

Our goal is to underline the significance of proper web and mobile software testing while building a bug-conscious community.

Want to have your app tested?

What Does Our Bug Crawl Report Consist of?

Every report we post describes all the bugs we found, and it contains the following sections:

Featured Apps


apps tested


bugs found


hours spent on testing

Have a mobile, web, or SaaS app to test?

Send us a request for free testing as part of Bug Crawl on a competitive basis.
Maybe your app will get to be tested next!


Dear Friends!

We are a Ukrainian software testing company. Our country has been brutally attacked by Russia, which aims to destroy us as a nation and a sovereign country.

Despite Russia’s continuous aggression, shelling, and barbaric crimes, we stay strong and true to core democratic values.

QAwerk fights on the economic front. We keep helping businesses worldwide speed up releases, eliminate critical bugs, and win users’ love and world’s recognition with impeccable product quality.

We’d love to keep our team employed and hire those techies who lost jobs because of the war. While we may not be the right fit for you, perhaps you know someone who is.

Please reach out to your network and spread the word. They’ll get top-notch service from a grateful and highly motivated tech team.

Would you be open-minded to exploring more about how we deliver during the war?

Stand with Ukraine by working with Ukraine!