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Quality functional testing in Zurich
to ensure your project matches the specs

Our testing team in Zurich offers comprehensive functional testing services to make sure your
product is suitable, accurate, interoperable, compliant, and secure before it is released to the
store. We guarantee that the application meets all of the necessary requirements.

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Functional testing plays a crucial role in software development as it ensures that the product is working correctly and meets the customers' requirements. QAwerk is a company that provides functional testing services to help organizations identify and address potential software defects, navigation issues, and error conditions before launching a new product or release.

At our software testing company, we offer exceptional manual and automated functional testing services for desktop, mobile, and web applications. We use customer requirements and system usage scenarios to ensure that all app functions operate accurately, including various types of input data and their combinations. With our testing services, you can rest assured that your product will attain the highest level of quality.

Functional Testing Services

Why Functional Testing Services in Zurich?

Functional Testing for Mobile

If you're looking to ensure the quality of your mobile application, our Functional Testing Services can help! Our team of experienced QA engineers leverages test cases and use cases to examine all possible scenarios of your app's behavior. By doing so, we can uncover even the most subtle mistakes and ensure that your mobile application performs as expected, while also meeting the design layout.

Functional Testing for Web

When it comes to releasing a web application, especially a complex one, it's crucial to ensure its proper operation and the seamless interaction of both front- and back-end components. At QAwerk, we're here to help and are not afraid to take on the challenge of functional testing for web projects with complex architecture and tangled logic. Our team specializes in web functionality testing and can help take your application to the next level.

FunctionalTesting for Desktop

Desktop apps are generally more complex, and it's essential to ensure that they function as intended by verifying functional requirements. This time-consuming process is best left to a functional testing company with extensive experience, such as QAwerk. We have a wealth of hardware resources for functional QA of any app, enabling us to recreate its functionality on computers with varying configurations.

Case Studies from Zurich

Helped bug-proof VR training solution for surgeons and join CHF 12 mln gov project

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General Surgery software

Gynecology software

QAWerk has consistently delivered high-quality testing solutions and contributed significantly to our product development process. Their team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and proactive approach have been instrumental in ensuring the reliability and functionality of our products.
Ivano Barbieri,
Ivano Barbieri,, Head of UI Development at VirtaMed
We have a specialty/niche product that needs a significant time for onboarding normally. QAwerk was willing and able to do the onboarding and work on the rather complex testing setup. There were some initial hiccups with the technical setup, largely owing to our specialty configuration, but the testing team was patient and willing to work with us on tackling the issues. The flexibility alongside the good technical work has become a staple of this product's testing.
Carolyn Mattes-O'Brien
Carolyn Mattes-O'Brien, Head of DevOps and IT at VirtaMed
Thanks to QAwerk, the client can efficiently cover the app's complete regression testing, which is a time-consuming task. The team manages the project well using Jira and Confluence and has regular sync-ups. Moreover, they make valuable suggestions to improve the product's testing.
Mona Kriebel
Mona Kriebel, Test Analyst at VirtaMed

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