Top QA events in 2023: Quarter 4 Ultimate Guide

Top QA Events in 2023
The Ultimate Guide by QAwerk
Quarter 4: October, November, December

Is it already the fourth quarter? Time is flying by! We hope you had the chance to attend some of the conferences from our previous event list and gather up-to-date information, practical tips, and valuable technology insights that you can share with your colleagues or peers.

Participating in global QA conferences offers an unforgettable experience where you can learn about cutting-edge innovations, hear from influential speakers, and build valuable connections. Are you excited about the upcoming lineup of must-visit events? We’ve already prepared the list and are delighted to present to you the most impactful QA conferences for the final quarter of 2023. Let’s dive in!

WeTest.Athens, October 6, Athens, Greece, offline

WeTest.Athens is a one-day event that connects testers, developers, and managers to learn, share experiences, and discuss the latest trends, tools, and techniques in software testing.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the agenda: discussions on testing AI-based systems, exploring the Playwright testing framework, the exceptional capabilities of Cypress, modern load and performance testing practices, and shift-left QA approaches.

If you attend this event, you’ll find answers to questions like: How can white-box testing benefit your testing approach? What’s the key to automating headless browsers for confident feature releases? How to write full end-to-end tests for modern web applications? Is agile the death of testing or not? And, the big question: What should testers be more concerned about — the rise of AI or the persistent presence of human errors?

The conference agenda is packed with promising topics! Reserve your spot among the 500 available seats and hear insights from 12 leading speakers at the Megaron — The Athens Concert Hall.


  • From €186, regular ticket (around $200)

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Software-QS-Tag, October 12-13, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, offline

Software-QS-Tag brings together software architects, test specialists, software engineers, test managers, project managers, and product owners with a common goal of achieving software quality. Each year, the conference centers around a new, relevant theme. In 2023, “Sustainable Quality” takes the spotlight at Software-QS-Tag.

This time, you can expect two keynote speeches, expert presentations, tutorials, workshops, and research papers presented in concurrent tracks. There will also be a trade exhibition showcasing strategies, techniques, tools, and best practices for efficiently assessing and testing software and systems in projects of different sizes and industries.

The conference welcomes IT professionals with diverse roles, ranging from software development managers and test coordinators to requirements engineers and software engineers. It aims to equip them with valuable insights on improving processes and practices, enhancing project management efficiency, and identifying useful techniques and tools for their daily professional work.

The venue for the event is the Steigenberger Hotel, located right next to Frankfurt am Main Airport. You have multiple transportation options to reach the hotel, including bus, taxi, town car, or even walking, which would take approximately 25 minutes.


  • From €1635, registration incl. 1 hotel night (around $1745)

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Seastar Quality Conference, October 16-18, virtual

The Seastar Quality Conference is a 3-day event that brings together leaders in testing to share top-quality engineering practices, advanced testing strategies and AI-enabled validation techniques. This year’s edition will focus on AI and its influence on software quality.

Topics include future must-haves for QA engineers, the Great Unsolved Problems of testing, “Just-in-Time Testing,” common strategies for testing IoT across different industries, and how minimalism can help build high-quality products.

During the educational sessions, attendees will explore ethical considerations and best practices for integrating Generative AI responsibly, as well as synthetic data and AI/ML learning models. They’ll also delve into the transformative impact of AI on the software testing profession and how QAs can ensure the quality of chatbots. All conference sessions will be available in Spanish and Chinese translations.

The event is entirely free to attend online; all you need is to upgrade to Zoom client version 5.11.9 or a newer version to access live captions in your preferred language.


  • Free, live streaming only
  • From $20, streaming + recordings
  • From $75, streaming + recordings + PDF summaries

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QA&TEST Embedded, October 18-20, Bilbao, Spain, offline

QA&TEST embedded aims to unite directors, project managers, program directors, and professionals from the software quality and testing industry worldwide.

Since 2001, QA&TEST has been held annually in Bilbao, a modern and vibrant city located in northern Spain. Its 22nd edition focuses on the most recent technological advancements in software testing and quality assurance.

The audience will get an idea of how to accelerate software testing with autonomous visual regression testing and what happens to test automation when software meets hardware. Speakers will outline an end-to-end testing strategy for embedded systems, black-box testing with open-source hardware, threat modeling for validation experts, contract testing for mobile app development, and API security testing with Postman.

QA&TEST will take place at the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall, conveniently located just a brief car ride away from Bilbao’s international airport and easily reachable via public transportation.


  • From €890, 1-person ticket (around $950)

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TestExpo, Agile, Devops & Low Code Expo, October 19, London, UK, hybrid

The 2023 flagship conference, Testing, Agile, DevOps, and Low Code, offers both in-person attendance in London and online participation from anywhere in the world.

The conference agenda is incredibly diverse, covering a wide range of topics including mobile test automation, TDD and BDD, DevOps and continuous integration testing, the rise of TestOps, enterprise application testing, leveraging AI and ML in testing, big data testing, performance testing, cloud testing, and much more, with exciting new directions!

During the event, thought leaders and subject experts will discuss actionable steps that all testers can take to make testing more sustainable. They will also address the risks, opportunities, technology, techniques, skills, and patterns that testers need to stay relevant. Expect in-depth discussions on practical aspects and principles of prototyping, such as wireframing, mockups, and MVPs.

If you find this event appealing, prepare to visit the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London, conveniently situated near Kensington High Shopping Street and the Royal Albert Hall.


  • From £95 + VAT, online ticket (around $120)
  • From £165 + VAT, onsite ticket (around $210)

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TestCon Europe, October 25-27, Vilnius, Lithuania, hybrid

TestCon Europe is your gateway to mastering the latest industry trends, best practices, and techniques. This is the largest software testing conference in Europe, covering shift-left testing, AI-powered testing, risk-based testing, compliance testing, load testing, usability testing, mobile testing, test environment automation, exploratory testing, security scanning, and more.

On October 24th, there will be a full day of workshops dedicated to building a test strategy in DevOps, handling complex requirements using object-oriented mind maps, and managing differences in disciplines and cultures. In these workshops, participants will learn how to conduct exploratory testing effectively, apply advanced approaches and techniques in their daily work, and explore the popular “think-aloud” method for usability testing.

The conference itself will be held from October 25th to 27th. Over 2000 attendees will gather to learn how to enhance product quality throughout the entire SDL, how to use Postman to learn about the APIs behavior, and how to implement both continuous testing and continuous security in a modern CI/CD loop. Speakers will offer valuable insights into shift-left testing strategies, remote testing, iOS test automation with XCUITest, and user experience testing.

Attend the workshops at Crowne Plaza Vilnius and the main conference at Multikino, located in the Ozas shopping center.


  • From €840 + VAT, 3-day online ticket (around $895)
  • From €1090 + VAT, 4-day full ticket (around $1160)

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Agile + DevOps East, November 5-10, Orlando, Florida, United States, hybrid

Agile + DevOps East is a comprehensive 6-day conference packed with training classes, full and half-day tutorials, morning yoga sessions, networking events, breakfast and lunch in the expo area, and a leadership summit.

Participants can expect discussions on key areas such as agile and DevOps practices, tools and automation, agile and DevOps transformations, teams and leadership, AI and ML, and more. If you’re interested in improving your organization’s deployment frequency, reducing lead time, and delivering stable new features, conference speakers will share their invaluable industry expertise to guide you.

Through informative sessions, participants will explore how to stay competitive in the future as individuals, how top agile ceremonies can provide more value in their present-day practice, what effective test automation is, how to create supercharged CI/CD and test automation pipelines, what other non-ChatGPT ways exist to use AI in testing, and how to automate key bottlenecks within your CI/CD pipeline.

Agile + DevOps East takes place at the Caribe Royale, a resort with a tropical vibe located in the theme park capital of the world.


  • Free, limited virtual pass
  • From $2145, 2-day conference pass

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SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX, November 8-9, Bratislava, Slovakia, offline

SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX is a two-day event focused on practical approaches to software testing.

The conference offers two types of talks: technical and inspirational. On November 9th, there will be a full day of tutorials with three tracks. In these sessions, attendees will look more into the operational aspects of DevOps, discover how to replace standard Selenium commands with custom waits that can be tailored to their specific test environment conditions, and explore other valuable topics.

Have you ever wondered about the tester’s role? Can you think like a hacker? What sets chaos testing apart from regular testing? And how can developers minimize the need for manual regression testing through the right tools and environments? All these questions will be addressed at the conference. Speakers will showcase how autonomous testing influences the testing process and software quality, and introduce the concept of digital twins.

The event will take place at Hotel Saffron, a modern hotel located in the old town district, within walking distance of the bus station and conveniently close to all of the city’s cultural attractions.


  • From €345 + VAT, conference day (around $370)
  • From €345 + VAT, tutorial day (around $370)

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OnlineTestConf, November 13-14, virtual

OnlineTestConf is a virtual event that will bring together experts, enthusiasts, and professionals in the realm of software testing for a two-day experience.

OnlineTestConf pioneered online conferences, starting in 2016, well before they became mainstream. The website holds an archive of past sessions, making it easy for anyone interested to explore the history of OnlineTestConf.

The 13th edition of the conference will delve into the following topics: the Selenium ecosystem for testing, strengthening your testing team, the future of test management, expediting project delivery, and revolutionizing QA with AI-driven test management.

As for workshops, can they be accessed online? Absolutely! At OnlineTestConf, you can learn how to accelerate API test automation using Java and Rest-Assured, and dive into three key aspects of automating API tests with Postman.

Joining the conference is simple. Just sign up with your name, job position, and email. That’s all it takes — a few clicks, and you’re on board.


  • Free

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Agile Testing Days, November 13-16, Potsdam, Germany, hybrid

Agile Testing Days is a comprehensive 4-day conference designed for testers, software engineers, QA engineers, test automation specialists, agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners, and team leads. The event, held both in Potsdam and online, will host over 600 attendees from around the world who are eager to learn from over 120 prominent industry experts.

The conference program boasts a lineup of more than 140 sessions, covering a wide range of cutting-edge topics: AI testing, automation, continuous delivery (CD), DevOps, exploratory testing, leadership, agile testing, software testing, testing techniques and best practices, as well as performance testing.

Participants will gain insights into how AI can revolutionize test case management, issue resolution, and compliance. They’ll explore the idea of reimagining the “In Test” column to enhance the performance of Agile teams and learn how to formulate an effective agile testing strategy.

The first day of the conference begins with a morning group run, followed by yoga, meditation, and a Lean Coffee session. The event concludes with an after-show party featuring a live band and dancing at Dorint Hotel Potsdam.


  • From €399 + VAT, 4-day virtual pass (around $430)
  • From €900 + VAT, in-person 1-day pass (around $970)

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AutomationSTAR, November 20-21, Berlin, Germany, offline

AutomationSTAR invites the global software testing community to gather in Berlin for discussions on a variety of test automation topics.

The keynote sessions will focus on the crucial role of test automation in CI/CD pipelines and provide insights into dealing with challenges in automation. Esteemed testing professionals from around the world will talk about the basics of model-based testing, the advantages of atomic tests, automated Lighthouse reporting using WebdriverIO, and the Serenity-BDD framework with the Screenplay pattern for Java.

How do we manage QA on AI-based platforms? What’s the approach to automating visual testing on a freeform Canvas UI? How can ChatGPT contribute to a brighter and more prosperous future? Why is UI automation fragile? These and more questions will be answered during the event.

The conference will be hosted at Berlin’s Estrel Hotel, the largest hotel in Germany. There are group discounts available, such as “Save €550 on a Group of 3”. It’s a great opportunity to bring your colleagues to AutomationSTAR and grow together as a team. Tutorials have already sold out but they have just released a limited supply of Conference-Only tickets, so hurry up to save your seat!


  • From €985 + VAT, 2-day pass (around $1040)

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STF2023, November 21, Milan, Italy, offline

The Italian Software Testing Forum 2023 (STF2023) is all about exploring the latest and greatest in software testing. It focuses on cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and real-world experiences that help companies create premier solutions.

During the event, leading experts in the global software arena will cover important subjects related to test automation, mobile testing, agile testing, performance testing, requirements engineering, and more. The conference offers great networking opportunities for software companies, service providers, and users.

Curious about what different industries need when it comes to software quality? How do companies strive to achieve their software quality goals? You’ll find answers to these and other questions at the event. Experts will share insights into trends in the IT sector, including investments, expenses, and the advantages of prioritizing software quality. They’ll also discuss the role of standards and certification schemes.

The STF conference is open to all at no cost and will take place at the NH Milano Congress Center, a well-known venue for business professionals.


  • Free (registration on the website required)

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TestBash Autumn, November 22-23, virtual

TestBash Autumn 2023 is a single-track live event focused on software testing.

Over the course of two days, attendees will explore topics such as the positive impact newcomers to Data Engineering can have on quality, the importance of accessibility checklists, screenshot testing gaps, tools for fault injection, the “Tests as a Service” approach, the “Leave no Trace” testing method, test strategies, and the advantages of integrating Percy into testing workflows.

How can collaboration with the broader business enhance testing efforts? How to automate functional testing? How does modern exploratory testing contribute to robotics? How to get your team to start thinking about accessibility? What does data quality mean? How does modern exploratory testing help close crucial quality gaps in unpredictable environments? All of this will be covered at the event.

The lineup of speakers includes senior software engineers, QA leads, and principal quality engineers with 5-20 years of experience in the IT industry. All talks will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing to Pro Members and ticket holders.


  • From £99, single access ticket (around $125)

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Test Automation & Digital QA Summit, November 24, Manila, Philippines, offline

The Test Automation & Digital QA Summit focuses on software testing, test automation, and digital quality assurance. It brings together QA enthusiasts from various countries worldwide, and it is limited to 100 participants.

This time, the event will take place in the Philippines and will feature a single track of sessions that will delve into strategies, tools, and the latest technology trends in software quality assurance and test automation.

The full agenda for the sixth event will be revealed once the speakers are confirmed. The presentations that have already been announced will expand your understanding of why, where, and how to perform data testing and validation before working on any data-driven project using AI and ML-infused emerging concepts and tools.

TAS will be held at the Heritage Hotel Manila, located just minutes away from both the international and domestic airports. The ticket includes light refreshments and lunch.


  • From PHP5500 + VAT, early bird ticket (around $100)

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TestJS Summit, December 7&11, hybrid

TestJS Summit is an event created for QA professionals and software engineers to keep up-to-date with the best practices in JavaScript testing.

The first day of the summit will be held in person in Berlin, offering hybrid networking opportunities and interactive entertainment. On another day, along with a variety of free workshops, the event will be livestreamed to a global online audience.

Expert industry speakers will lead the way on topics like performance, security, testOps, unit testing, API testing, mobile testing, automation, accessibility, visual regressions, cross browser testing, AI testing, and database testing.

At TestJS Summit, delegates will have the opportunity to connect with professionals from top tech companies like Microsoft, BrowserStack, and Kiwi TCMS. The event will take place at Kosmos, a unique Space Age theater from the 1960s located in the trendy Friedrichshain neighborhood. Conference organizers have prepared an exclusive offer for QAwerk’s audience: 10% off the price!


  • From €380 + VAT, hybrid full ticket (around $410)

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