Dedicated QA Team in Spain

Reliable quality assurance team in Spain
to help your softwate gain the best quality

QAwerk is a professional dedicated QA team in Spain that specializes in helping businesses find and hire the best software
testers for their projects. We offer a variety of services to our clients, including contract bidding and management of strong
testing teams. In addition, we make it easy for you to enjoy all the benefits associated with working with us!

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Software Testers from QAwerk in Spain.

If you are seeking high-quality testing services in Spain that will be delivered promptly and efficiently, then consider outsourcing your testing to professional QA professionals. By working with a remote dedicated team, you can reduce the cost while still ensuring quality standards are met. Contact us today for more information about our approach to running an efficient Quality Assurance team that is able to keep products up to par at a lower cost.

Dedicated QA Team

Why Dedicated Resting Team in Spain?

Perfect Process

Our QA team in Spain have a well-oiled testing process that guarantees quality output for our customers. When you choose to outsource your software testing tasks to us at QAwerk, you guarantee spotless results in accordance with our high standards of quality control.

Maximum Mobility

QAwerk is able to provide quality assurance personnel of any size, with on-demand support. This enables our clients to work in a flexible model, by utilizing QA testing that is outsourced. In this way, it’s possible for us to meet the individual needs of each client – no matter how large or small they may be.

Legal Protection

Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with our customers, which is why we provide them with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that restricts access to confidential information and safeguards our clients’ intellectual property. This ensures that their business remains confidential to us and our team.

Case Studies from Spain

Helped successfully go from beta to official release and reach over 250K users

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I would recommend QAwerk for many reasons but I think two stand out - the quick seamless onboarding experience, this is absolutely key for a team that is outsourcing something so critical as QA. But also the smart use of different communication channels - they were used effectively, with respect, with a really thoughtful mindset.
Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz, CEO at Penpot
QAwerk is proactive and helpfull. QAwerk has conducted comprehensive manual and automated testing, including functional, regression, and usability testing, alongside automated tests covering a wide range of scenarios. They provided detailed bug reports with prioritization recommendations and worked with our team to solve them. Key deliverables include test plans, test cases, automated test scripts, and regular status updates.
Pablo Alba Chao
Pablo Alba Chao, CTO at Kaleidos

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