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Our main objective is to ensure that web solutions operate smoothly and have strong security measures in place,
while also ensuring that they are compatible with all devices and web browsers.

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Manual and automated web app testing in Lusaka of any scope.

At QAwerk, we recognize the importance of having skilled professionals who can perform the necessary tests to ensure that web-based applications meet the required standards. Our team of software testing experts in Lusaka is proficient in providing both manual and automated testing services for any web project, no matter how complex it is. With extensive experience in both types of testing, we can easily detect any potential defects that may exist in your project.

We understand that web-based applications must undergo various testing criteria, such as functional, usability, interface, compatibility, and performance. Through our rigorous testing processes, we can guarantee that your product will meet all expectations and be fully ready for live use. With our testing services, you can rest assured that your application will have excellent usability, strong security measures against attacks, and fast response times, providing a seamless user experience from start to finish. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality software testing services to our clients.

Web Application & Website Testing Services

Web App Testing Services

Website Testing Services for Lusaka Clients

If you're searching for a team of remote professionals in Lusaka to help with quality assurance on your website or web application, look no further than QAwerk. Our team of devoted specialists is committed to providing first-rate solutions that surpass your expectations.

Automated Web Application Testing

Effective testing of web applications is a crucial aspect of many software projects, and at QAwerk, we can help ensure that your apps are thoroughly tested. By utilizing automated tests, you can save both time and money while still maintaining the highest level of quality assurance.

Manual Web Application Testing

At QAwerk, our team of QA engineers delivers exceptional manual testing services for web applications to help you verify the performance of your website. We meticulously examine each screen in your app to identify any possible issues that may arise. Our tests are meticulously designed to match expected results, ensuring that your site is functioning as intended and providing you with peace of mind.

Case Studies from Lusaka

Future-proofed Zambia #1 card-issuing API with test automation resulting in $15 mln seed round funding
Helped #1 finance management app in Africa eliminate bugs and become Mastercard Principal Member

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I worked with QAWerk’s team during the build out of Union54's card issuing API product, where they supplied manual and automated test engineers. The team were diligent, skilled and enthusiastic about the project, always willing to go the extra mile. The product quality was excellent as a result of the team, with 99% of bugs or missed requirements caught well before they hit the production system. And this, despite the ongoing issues faced by Ukraine where the resources were based. Would thoroughly recommend the team and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
Jon Wade
Jon Wade, CTO at Union54
The team is really supportive, and they are nice people, it's always nice to work with such people. They are really effective at what they do.
Sassoon Scheepers, Product Owner at Zazu Africa

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