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PIXO is a mobile app developer specializing in B2C & B2B solutions for creativity and productivity. Since 2015, it has released six apps resulting in over 15 mln total downloads. Logo Maker Shop is their most popular app available both in App Store and Google Play.

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Overnight Testing

Our time difference with Seoul allowed PIXO to speed up the software development process. When it was time for PIXO developers to log off, it was business hours for the QAwerk team, so the PIXO team always had fresh bug reports the next morning.

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Manual Testing

QAwerk team performed functional, compatibility, UI testing, regression, and retesting after bug fixes to help PIXO prepare for launch on Google Play. We also took care of creating and updating test documentation, ensuring decent coverage and preventing showstoppers from traveling to prod.

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PIXO turned to QAwerk for help with Android app testing. They’ve had plenty of experience with launching iOS apps and wanted to replicate that success for their Android counterparts. PIXO aspired to scale and grow their business by launching existing apps on Google Play. Since they’ve had significantly less experience with developing & testing Android apps compared to iOS solutions, they made a reasonable decision to strengthen their delivery team.

PIXO was explicitly looking for a QA agency that was not only a pro in Android app testing but also had a track record of testing apps with similar or the exact same functionality. QAwerk happened to be the right fit as we’ve tested hundreds of design editors within our Bug Crawl initiative and have a long-standing partnership with Unfold, a billion-user content creation platform.

We were responsible for ensuring the Logo Maker Shop app for Android matches the following requirements:

  • Runs smoothly on all devices. Testing Android apps is more challenging than testing iOS apps due to disparate screen resolutions and sizes of Android devices. Our task was to ensure Logo Maker Shop is fully optimized for several commonly used Android smartphones and the latest OSs.
  • Brings joy to customers. How do you turn an average experience into a satisfying user journey? By scrutinizing all functionality – from common paths to unlikely, yet still possible scenarios. Our goal was to thoroughly test the app from the tester’s and user’s points of view.
  • Google-Play-ready. Preparing the app for launch on Google Play with subsequent distribution in several countries was the final deliverable. The first impression matters a lot, and we needed to do our part to make it positive.

Our QA team was also tasked with creating the test documentation from scratch and updating it on time as we moved forward with the project.


QAwerk performed several types of testing to ensure the build matches the specs, is stable, and is ready to be launched. We used only real devices to guarantee the high accuracy of our reports.

  • Functional Testing. We checked if no bugs arose with adding text, images, objects, or changing color, among other actions. We ensured subscriptions work as intended, and no premium content is available in a free version.
  • Compatibility Testing. This one is a must for Android apps targeting an international user base. We tested Logo Maker Shop on 7 devices and 6 latest Android versions to see how well the app is adapted to different hardware and software.
  • UI Testing. We compared Logo Mager Shop’s screens with the given UI designs to ensure the design implementation is accurate and everything is consistent.
  • Retesting. All the bugs reported by us and later fixed by PIXO’s developers were immediately retested to verify they’re indeed eliminated.
  • Regression Testing. The build we received was not fully finished; additional functionality, such as the subscription module, was added as we started testing. So we conducted several rounds of regression tests before finally uploading the app to Google Play.

Since there was no readily-available test documentation for Logo Maker Shop’s Android version, we wrote all the test cases from the ground up. In most scenarios, the user flow was identical to the iOS one, so we based our test cases on that. Some of the specific requirements were written as comments to Figma screens, while others were provided upon our request as we filled the gaps and finalized the documentation.

Bugs Found

Most serious bugs we found were related to the exporting logo functionality and subscriptions. We also stumbled upon many crashes.


Actual result: Subscription plans are not displayed.

Expected result: The user sees a pop-up with subscription plans.

Actual result: The user can save pro-version logos.

Expected result: The user can’t save a pro logo without subscription.

Actual result: The app crashes.

Expected result: The logo is saved to the device gallery. The user is redirected to Logo Editor.


In about two months, we helped the PIXO team prepare for the release of Logo Maker Shop on Google Play. The result of our work can be seen in a decent overall ranking, the prevailing majority of five-star user reviews, and a growing number of installs. Logo Maker Shop is already enjoyed by 10K users, and we believe it will catch up with its iOS counterpart pretty fast.

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Android StudioAndroid Studio
Play ConsolePlay Console
7devices used
270test cases
40+bugs reported
6OS versions tested

QAwerk Team Comment


QA engineer

My first assignment was to prepare test documentation and describe the already developed functionality. We performed regression testing for every new build and added test cases for new functionality. Having an abundant choice of test devices at our disposal helped us detect numerous bugs. I reported issues with payments and several crashes, but with the joint effort of both teams, we achieved great app stability by the release day. The team’s commitment and the number of interesting features the app offers were key motivation drivers for me throughout the project.


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