GEOVisual for iOS.
Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk

Create heat maps and point maps, perform visual analysis of data, and make your reports on finance, forecasting, sales, and other matters more intuitive and comprehensible, all in one app, GEOVisual. There’s a chance that this app will change your view on boring statistics. But also there’s always a chance that it will spoil your

Livintis W.L.L. for iOS:
the same bugs can live in several applications

This week we’ve had a unique case. We have heard that the same bugs can live in several applications, but they’ve never been met in practice so far. Until today. Palette Republic, TRIPPY,, VintageLab, CARBON – what can these applications have in common? they edit images they were developed by Livintis W.L.L. they have

Weight Loss Tracker, BMI for iOS.
Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk

Body Weight Index is a thing that will let you know the weight that is best for you. And this app, Weight Loss Tracker, BMI will help you get yourself to that precious number. When you have a logging system, it’s much easier to see and maintain the improvements in your body. But let’s see

GDPR Fails Compilation

Want to know what exactly hides behind the infamous “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy”? Find out what defines a GDPR-compliant website, and why it is all so important.

Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk:
Marley Spoon – We Love Cooking for iOS

With Marley Spoon, you don’t need to be a chef to make a masterpiece meal. This app allows you to either cook yourself with Martha Stewart’s best recipes or to order the exact quantity of the ingredients you need, right to your door. The app has order history, ratings, and a planning feature. But the