Weekly bug crawl by QA outsourcing company QAwerk: Focus Go for Android

Ease for iOS.
Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk

Ease is an app that will help you pick a set of relaxing exercises for every day and adhere to it, freeing you from having to organize all the steps of a healthy meditation yourself. The design of Ease is quite calming, smooth for an eye. This thing alone would have a positive effect on

Weekly bug crawl by QA outsourcing company QAwerk: [Focus Go for Android]

Focus Go for Android.
Weekly Bug Crawl by QAwerk

And yet another camera-related app! Today we are looking at Focus Go, a lightweight photo editor and gallery. Still in beta, but already a decent one. It seems that the idea of simplicity just underlines all the applications made by this developer. In times when developers just lose themselves while trying to make their software

Weekly bug crawl by QAwerk:
Totsie – Baby Photo Editor App for iOS

Everything about Totsie is already said in its name. It’s a cute little app with tons of filters and stickers for you to catch the memorable moments with your baby. It’s a funny example of an app. It could have contained bugged photo functions or raw features whatsoever, but instead, we found some kind of

Calroo for iOS.
Weekly bug crawl by QAwerk

Calroo is a free family organizer that helps parents to keep all their plans in one place. This service replaces such common and usual apps as calendar, task manager, lists creator and messenger with a multifunctional app. With Calroo, caring for family and kids is becoming easier, as you can create and assign tasks to

Weekly bug crawl by QAwerk:
Unfold App – Story Creator for Android

And here’s yet another camera-related app that caught the attention of our vigilant Bug Crawl. Unfold is a free toolkit for storytellers. It has several templates, fonts, and tools, and there are more of them to come with the upcoming updates. It’s minimalistic, easy-to-use, topical, and it helps you create beautiful stories with minimum effort.