Our Software Testing Experience

Our software testing best practices

We apply the Hi-End software quality assurance methods for the all-types-platforms of the apps to help to create meaningful and reliable-in-use soft products to people.

Seasoned QA squad that equipped with all necessary requisites: knowledge and technical pillow. Our policy is about providing a soft landing for each business launch. Explore space of success with masters of apps tune.

Software Testing Services For Your Products

QAwerk provides polyhedral software testing services with a precise attitude to each code line due to deliver a bug-free product for the clients. We do care about the purity of the back-end stage that is aimed at performing the ultimate front-end scene.

Dedicated STEM Talents

Our technical geeks and their creative imagination is the secret of flawless software products that we bring to the customers. We love tasty-code, still, have zero-tolerance to the spaghetti-one. Bloom your business with QAwerk.

To discolour the red of your books

Less weight upon the outcome records – more options for business growth and scalable opportunities. QAwerk’s rates deliver green balance in aggregate to the business, and green check-ups to the soft products.

Quality Assurance for Your Business

QAwerk has tailored hundreds of successful “surgeries” on software desktop apps, as well as on the web and mobile surfaces. Our seasoned tech squad is equipped with all needed tools, knowledge and experience to provide you with a healthy, bug-free soft product.

Unfold the Flexibility

Having expertise and insights at listed industries, we are eager and able to create smart, effective, and budget-fair digital solutions for the other business vectors. QAwerk is about drawing the clear code and high-performance softs under an affordable stack.

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Skills and expertise

We have 10+ years of software testing experience working with all sorts of industries and technologies. We professionalize in all kinds of software testing methods and are practiced in using different testing tools.

Mobile platforms

Using latest tools for project management and bug tracking also helps us to follow best qa practices in software testing.

Quality assurance best practices tips

Testing is the sole method to find out if your product will succeed or fail before it is deployed. We highly recommend following the next best practices in software testing to have the best product:

Setup proper context
in your testing environment

Get ready for full immersion
into a business idea

Try on the role
of the user

Solution should be acceptable
for the intended group of end users

All the applicable standards
should be met

Plan your
QA process

Make sure that the requirements are well
defined and use cases cover them

testing documentation

Always refer
to common sense

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Our customers

Companies whose projects required outsourced software testing

QAwerk team applied best QA practices in software testing of PageFreezer product
Software testing best practices were provided by QAwerk's specialists to Green Valley
QAwerk's quality assurance team applied best QA practices in testing Linktiger software
QAwerk team provided best software testing practices to 9yahds